Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura- Season 3, Episode #1: The Reptilian Agenda

In the Season 3 premiere of TruTV’s  “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura”,  Jesse and the crew (which now includes Ventura’s son, Tyrel, and filmmaker Oliver Stone’s son, Sean Stone) tackle one of the more popular conspiracy theories of the last few years:  the so-called “Reptilian” conspiracy.

This conspiracy theory, popularized by theorist David Icke, claims that most of the world’s leaders throughout history have been descendants of an ancient race of alien Reptilians and human inter-breeders originating from ancient Sumeria, known as the “Annunaki.”  The theory explains that this Reptilian-human bloodline has been maintained by “The Elite,” including the royal families of Europe and, later, the major American political dynasties.  Proponents of the theory contend that most of today’s world leaders, including the last several  U.S. presidents, are descendants of this bloodline.

Some believe that these Reptilian descendants can shape-shift and, at certain times, have done it accidentally while cameras watched and recorded the strange phenomenon unfold.  Countless videos on the internet purport to show various world leaders experiencing these temporary shifts, their eyes appearing to become lizard-like slits and their skin going from smooth to scaly.

As it is pointed out in the episode, the Reptilian conspiracy made Time Magazine’s “10 of the World’s Most Enduring Conspiracy Theories” list from 2009.  However, Jesse Ventura begins the episode and investigation rather skeptical about the Reptilian conspiracy.  “It makes all us conspiracy theorists looks nuts,” complains Jesse.  On the contrary, Jesse’s son, Tyrel, and Sean Stone seem to be more willing to believe the theory, and push Jesse to research it.  “I want to blow the lid off this thing.  And if its’ not true, I’m not only going to blow the lid off this, I’m going to blow the lid off you two!” warns Jesse.

The investigation begins with Jesse meeting with a woman named Tracy Twyman.  The two meet in an underground cave, apparently to illustrate the part of the theory which suggests that many members of this Reptilian race live secretly underground.  “This is bizarre to me, I’ve got to be honest with you,” says Jesse.  Twyman explains the link between the ancient Sumerians and today’s world leaders, citing Burke’s Peerage genealogical research tying the European royal families to most of the U.S. presidents, but Jesse remains unconvinced.   “You’re here with a straight face telling me it’s real?” asks Jesse.   “They’re literally coming from an alternative dimension,” explains Twyman.

Meanwhile, Tyrel Ventura and Sean Stone meet with Jose Escamilla, a video expert who examines the online videos of world leaders experiencing temporary shape-shifts.  Videos of Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton allegedly shape-shifting are examined in slow-motion, revealing their eyes turning lizard-like, and then back again, within a split second.  Escamilla admits that 98% of the videos are faked, but maintains he doesn’t know how to explain the other 2%.

The fourth member of Jesse’s crew, June Sarpong, meets with radio host and journalist Clyde Lewis, who relates the story of Susan Reed, a woman who wrote a book about her relationship with an alleged Reptilian.   In her book, Reed sought to expose the Reptilian agenda of which she had become aware, and claimed that people were trying to murder her for what she knew.  Shortly after the book was published, she was found dead by drowning while vacationing in the Bahamas.  While police ruled out foul play, Reed’s mother still believes she was killed, as does Lewis.  Lewis believes the Reptilian conspiracy is real and a serious threat to the non-elite of the world, and that Reed’s revelations might have inspired such severe countermeasures.  “The agenda is to colonize and also kill 85% of the population,” explains Lewis. 

Next, Tyrel Ventura and Sean Stone meet with a woman who claims to be a Reptilian, herself, named JuJului Kuita.   JuJu (as she is informally called) relates a story of her partner being in bed with her and waking up next to a Reptilian-shifted JuJu.  Sean brings in his friend Cassandra Van Zant, a psychic channeler whom Tyrel and Sean hope may help JuJu contact her ancient alien relatives.  As Van Zant begins to channel JuJu’s alien relatives, Van Zant and JuJu begin touching hands and speaking the Reptilian language, which sounds similar to the nonsensical utterances of those who speak in tongues during religious trances.  During this channeling session, Tyrel Ventura thinks he may have spotted JuJu’s eyes turn Reptilian for a disappearing moment.  “They looked like slits,” he says.  Sean Stone, however, did not happen to see JuJu’s Reptilian eye-shift.

The investigation next brings Jesse and the crew to Dulce, New Mexico to meet with John Rhodes, a man who calls himself a “Reptilian hunter” and runs an organization called the “Reptoid Research Center.”  “I ain’t never seen no lizard person.  I ain’t never seen no reptile-humanoid thing,” Jesse tells Rhodes.   Rhodes claims there is an underground base in Dulce, New Mexico, a widely shared belief amongst conspiracy theorists.  Rhodes, however, believes the underground base is run by Reptilian-humanoids.  Despite his extraordinary claims, Jesse is willing to give Rhodes a chance.  “I’ll tell you what- you don’t seem crazy to me.   You seem exceptionally intelligent to me.  I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt…   let’s go Reptilian hunting!”

“But first, the boys and I have some preparation to do- target practice,” says Jesse.  Jesse and the crew head to a shooting range to test different weapons they might be able to use against the Reptilians if a confrontation ensues.  “What do you think we’d need to knock ‘em down if we go to war with them?” asks Jesse.  “If you find an army full of them, use that machine gun,” says a guy working at the shooting range.

Jesse and the crew then head back to the Dulce site with John Rhodes, as well as Apache guide Wain Valverde and Sean Stone’s psychic friend, Anya.  The crew starts discussing the high-wattage power lines that head up a mesa, but seem to lead to nowhere.  Rhodes believes these power lines head underground to power the secret base.  Using sophisticated drilling equipment to create the underground base, Rhodes thinks drilling and construction began in 1972, starting from Los Alamos, New Mexico, approximately 120 miles away.  Rhodes points out openings in the ground that he thinks might be secret entrances to the base.  A frustrated Jesse, however, wants more substantial proof.   Suddenly, the psychic picks up something- a powerful sensation that Reptilians are near.  The guys follow her as she tracks her feelings to a specific location.  Anya settles on the location, becomes emotional and starts to break down.  “Please don’t make me go!  They’re not going to let me go in there,” she cries.  “They’re saying ‘stay back’.”  Sean asks who is saying this to her, and she responds, “they’re Reptilian.”  Jesse remains unconvinced, even after Rhodes points out a water drain he suspects might be a secret entrance.  “Like I’ve always said, if I can’t see it, I don’t believe it,” maintains Jesse.

The final stage of the investigation leads to the main bard of the Reptilian conspiracy, David Icke.  Icke’s unusual history is recounted, including his infamous 1991 appearance on British television during which he claimed to be the son of God.   But first, Jesse meets with conspiracy icon, Alex Jones, to discuss Icke and the validity of his theories.  “At the end of the day, it becomes a diversion,” says Jones.  “Years ago, I said he was the turd in the punchbowl.”   During this introduction to Icke, the voice-over narration refers to Icke as a “one-man conspiracy conglomerate” charging “rock star prices” to his events, and that he has turned his Reptilian conspiracy into a “personal money mint.”

Jesse tracks down David Icke at a sold-out seminar Icke is holding in Cleveland, Ohio.  When the two come together in a barren backstage room, Jesse doesn’t bother hiding his skepticism.   “I’ve been on the planet 60 years, I have not seen a Reptilian yet.  Tell me where to go to see one,” says Jesse.  Icke explains that “not everything that exists, exists within visible light.”  “So how do I turned on the radio and see a Reptilian?” Jesse mockingly asks. 

“Tell me what I got to do to see one,” presses Jesse.  “Give me some proof.”  Icke seems flustered, and unwilling or unable to give Jesse the answers he seeks.  Icke calmly tells that he’s written a book that explains it, and that he’s giving a 9-hour presentation that day that explains it, as well.  “This guy expects me to read 700 pages for a simple answer?” asks Jesse in a voice over.  “If I sit through these 9 hours, will it become clear to me?” he asks Icke.

Jesse then asks Icke simply, “Is your information accurate?”  “Yeah it gets down to that.  He’s pushing the theory, but he’s not taking responsibility,” says Jesse in a voice-over.  Icke defends himself, saying “Look, Jesse- you can take it how you want… but what you need is an open mind.”

The voice-over narration then tallies up the estimated revenue of Icke’s various Reptilian conspiracy money-making endeavors, coming up with an estimate of about $2 million a year.  Jesse then plainly asks Icke, “Is this what this is really about- making money?”  Icke is clearly upset at this point, replying “I thought this was going to be a serious conversation.”  Shortly thereafter, Icke gets up and leaves the interview.  Then, footage is shown of Icke in another room, getting ready to leave, saying “that guy can fuck off.”   When learning of Icke’s profanity laced send off, Jesse quips “That’s mighty brave of him to say that when he leaves the room.”

After conducting his investigation, it is clear that Jesse Ventura remains completely unconvinced of the existence of the Reptilian conspiracy.  But he asks, “Why wouldn’t you ask questions about something as bizarre as this?”  According to Jesse, the conspiracy is bigger than David Icke, and that too many people, possibly numbering in the millions, believe his story of the world’s leaders being shape-shifting reptoids.  “How cynical, how fed up can we be, that we decide our leaders are aliens and that we can’t fight back?” he asks.  Jesse believes there are real conspiracies hatched by the world’s leaders and the elite, but that they’re definitely not Reptilians.  “They’re people- just human beings, like you and me.  Keep fighting.”

Another season of “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura” promises to unpack some of the world’s most reality-shattering conspiracies, as well as supply a wealth of one-liner zingers from America’s most trusted, professional wrestler-turned governor-turned conspiracy theorist, Jesse Ventura.   Tune in next week for a review of Episode #2… and keep fighting.

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  1. Icke vs Ventura…que the Rocky theme music

  2. Ted Heistman | Nov 9, 2012 at 2:03 pm |

    See, here is the thing. It takes a lot of background to set this up correctly. I will say this though the youtube “catching” people shapeshift is all silliness IMO. But I still think there is something to it.

    We are all descended from reptiles, first of all. We have a legacy of our reptilian heritage right there in our DNA. Literally a legacy. Our bioloogy is designed around all these legacy systems. We are millions of years old as a species. We aren’t descended from birds, we aren’t descended from dolphins, or cattle, or anything like that, but you go far enough back in our family tree you will come to something very much like a lizard, though not a modern lizard. Possibly something similar to a tuatara (which interestingly has a third eye)

    So our brains have this legacy system also, known as the R-Complex, and this may be associated with sociopathy. So Icke and others have postulated that reptilian DNA can either be turned on or turned off in an individual, that possibly we all have it, but in various royals and other elites, its switched on. There is also evidence that sociopathy/psychopathy is genetic. So its quite possible to have royal bloodlines of inbred sociopaths.

    Now from another angle there is the idea of dreams and archetypes in the collective unconscious. Years ago people were more in touch with animals and developed a symbology of animism based on characteristics of animals witnessed everyday. Serpents for example have certain characteristics. So in our collective uncounscious, these characteristics became associated with certain archetypes.

    Some people in some sense really embody a Reptilian archetype and in an altered state of consciousness, they will shape shift before your eyes. I’ve seen it happen.

    • You’re asking me to believe all of that?

      • Ted Heistman | Nov 9, 2012 at 4:37 pm |

        Yeah, my comment was just for you Roark, and it means a lot to me if you believe it!

    • The funny thing about all this reptilian business is that it all would be so much more believable without the word reptilian. If you just say “genetically isolated elites” it puzzles together without the absurdity (does anyone have any proof that they are only working on their “lizard brains” or that they have “lizard DNA”?) Just drop the word reptilian and your whole platform sounds more informed.

    • Hi Ted

      Is there a way to get in contact with you?

      If what you re saying is not tongue in cheek

      I woud love to hear more details of your encounter

      I am currently researching this for an upcoming documentary

      a serious investigation with high production value

      not a “you tube bedroom” documentary

      hope to hear from you



  3. Ted Heistman | Nov 9, 2012 at 2:31 pm |

    Tracy Twyman actually has some pretty good research that can’t be captured in a quick sound bite. She has info about the blood drinking rituals among the Royal Scythians. She has an interview online with this guy Nicholas de Vere that covers the so called “Dragon bloodline”

    That’s where many people believe the reptoids are decended from-The Royal Scythians. They also popularized cannabis. Nomadic pastoralists are very interesting IMO due to their psychopathic cultural traits, of predatory raiding, marriage by Kidnap etc.

    If you look at psychopathy as a confluence of genetic traits, I think Nomadic Pastoralism would be the cultural milieu in which it would take shape.

  4. DeepCough | Nov 9, 2012 at 3:45 pm |


  5. Antediluviancurrent | Nov 9, 2012 at 5:06 pm |

    Known Icke for years now and I find his argument “I wrote a 700 page book” and “I’ve been to numerous countries” very very weak.
    A 700 page book doesn’t mean anything. Any book that’s voluminous doesn’t mean it’s incontestable.

    But in regards to the whole reptilian-conspiracy, I do believe occultism is definitely involved in all of this and that the elite venerates and uses the ophidian. But that doesn’t make them lizards, just as much as the followers of Ganesh aren’t shapeshifting elephants.

  6. it’s true the Reptilian theory is probably the most far out out all conspiracy theories but the way Ventura attacked Icke with the “where are they, show me one” attack makes me think that he really did it to make him and his own conspiracy theory show look more credible to the world of people not so familiar with conspiracy theories. I’ve seen Icke speak twice and have read a couple of his books and while I’m not absolutely convinced of Reptilians, Icke makes some extremely interesting points that can not be answered in the way Ventura went at him. One more thing. The Alex Jones segment on Icke had to be edited just to make Icke sound worse. ALex Jones has had David Icke on his show many times and wholeheartedly believes the things Icke says, but says he stops just short of the Reptilian agenda. This episode did far more to discredit Jesse Ventura in my mind than it did to David Icke.

  7. If you go back a century most everyone is related to each-other.

  8. i thought Jesse’s interview giving it to the BBC was great, but seeing him being a douche bag to David Icke just shows that not is all as it seems. Jesse and his team should have done some research on David’s life and living before being so utterly rude. Here is Davids response to the stupid interview.

  9. This is right on time and it is true and also gentiles (whites folks) are the offspring of the fallen angels if people would go do some reading and research you can find this out go read the books of the bible like Enoch, I’m glad someone is finally telling the truth of who you people are neanderthal, Diane Sawyer said they couldn’t find the dna of the white male that’s cause there daddy is the fallen one who came down here to have sex with the daughter of men (the black hebrew women) and in every war the white man does a ethinic cleaning they mix the seed it’s still going on today.You don’t belong to YHWH He didn’t create you but he formed us from the dust of the earth the true Hebrew Israelites (black people).

  10. Jesse Ventura is a liar, cheat, briber and phony Navy SEAL.
    He was never in Vietnam, never in combat. He does not have the Combat Action Ribbon. He was a storekeeper on a ship that passed the Vietnam coastline so he is entitled to the Vietnam Service Medal. No big deal there.

    This is all documented in my book, “Always Cheat” The Philosophy of Jesse Ventura. My book cancelled Ventura’s plans to run for a second term as Minnesota Governor.
    You can find “Always Cheat” at or Barnes and Noble.
    In the Twin Cities “Always Cheat” can be found at most libraries or call me for a
    complimentary copy.
    Leslie Davis

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