Drone Conspiracy Emerges from Indianapolis Explosion’s Ashes

Picture: USAF (PD)

Days after an explosion leveled two homes in Indiana and rendered several others uninhabitable, some conspiracy theorists are considering the possibility (no matter how remote) that a drone aircraft might have been the culprit.

Via Vice’s Motherboard blog:

Now rumors are blazing across the Internet that the nighttime blast was in fact the work of a CIA Predator drone that for unclear reasons had been programmed to take out two Indianapolis-based US military resource and payroll offices. Only the drone’s missiles deviated from their flight courses, striking the homes off of Fieldfare Way, instead.

There’s just one catch: the details have been put forward by Sorcha Faal, an anonymous blogger known for spreading incendiary conspiracy-theory laden reports through the website whatdoesitmean.com. In this case, her source is a “chilling report” supposedly circulating inside the Kremlin.

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6 Comments on "Drone Conspiracy Emerges from Indianapolis Explosion’s Ashes"

  1. Why is anything even remotely related to faal being posted?

  2. I never thought I’d see Sorta Fail on DisInfo. At least you guys aren’t propping her up as a “great source of information”….

  3. If you had just put “Sorcha Faal” in the headline, my RSS client would have saved me the time wasted with the first two paragraphs of this article.

    Just letting you know, for next time.

  4. sovereigndenizen | Nov 14, 2012 at 10:00 pm |

    You have to wonder why there were no standing fires from the explosion… indicative of a missile strike…

    • I live less than a mile from this nieghborhood and there was plenty of fire after the explosion.

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