From Gettysburg to Mars (and 2045 Along the Way): Andrew D. Basiago & the Secret U.S. Time-Space Program

In 2009, the controversial “Web Bot,” an internet software program that predicts future events by tracking keywords on the internet, began describing the impending emergence of a “planetary-level whistleblower” calling for disclosure to the public of life on Mars and the existence of time travel and teleportation technology.  In its September 15th 2009 ATLA report (Asymmetric Trend Language Analysis), the Web Bot identified its whistleblower:  Andrew D. Basiago.  Since then, Basiago’s life (here on Earth) hasn’t been the same.

A lawyer by trade, and relative newcomer to conspiracy/truth media, Basiago made his first big splash into the forum less than a year earlier with a paper he published on December 12, 2008 called The Discovery of Life on Mars.  In the paper, Basiago attempts to provide photographic and analytic evidence based on images taken by NASA’s Mars exploration rover, Spirit, that (1) numerous types of life exist on Mars, including two “humanoid” types, and (2) there is evidence of artificial structures, such as buildings, aqueducts and monuments on Mars, with similarities to the culture of ancient Egypt.

Basiago also claims that as a child in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s he became involved in an alleged secret U.S. Time-Space Program.  Basiago claims his father (who, according to Basiago, was one of the project principals) took him on some test runs through “an energetic Tesla array” in 1967, making Andrew the first American child ever to teleport.  Basiago claims the program would later become known as “Project Pegasus,” and using various forms of time travel and teleportation technology, Basiago claims to have  travelled to the distant past and future, as well as to major historical events of the past such as the Gettysburg Address.  Basiago also claims to have visited Mars in the early 1980’s as a teenager via a “jump room,” as part of the CIA’s alleged Mars Visitation Program, along with future president Barack Obama.

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  1. Anarchy Pony | Nov 7, 2012 at 11:31 am |

    Web bot only looks at what people are talking(typing) about, it can’t determine the validity of what they are talking(typing) about.

  2. BrianApocalypse | Nov 7, 2012 at 11:57 am |

    Here is some actual documentary footage of Basiago’s travel through time:

    And here, rocking on Mars!

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