Immortal Technique: ‘Ultimately, It’s Up to You’

At a past WeAreChange fundraising events for 9/11 1st responders, Immortal Technique was one of the people who volunteered in the effort. Here is a never before seen interview by a WeAreChange member during one of those events.

Via WeAreChange

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  • Apathesis

    Immortal Technique is awesome.

  • Adam Goodwin

    Spouting the message that ‘you can change’ or ‘it’s all up to you’ appeals to everyone. There’s a reason for that….it’s because it’s the motherfucking Truth, bitches. You are the only One that can change.

  • Tamara

    But conspiracy theorists DO have documented evidence! If no-one refuses to accept evidence it will always be theory :(

  • Fabian_Ramos


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