Music Awakens Old Memories in Nursing Home Patient

Via Tripped Media:

Dr. Oliver Sacks comments on a nursing home activity director’s efforts to reach a nursing home patient with the music of his youth in this amazing – and touching – video:

Hat tip: Jpugh73

  • BuzzCoastin

    touching but
    if I ever get to that state
    I hope my friends & family will slip me some sleeping pills & a bottle of Jack

    • Kevin Leonard

      and some pink floyd…

  • Rohini Chand

    No buts, Buzz. Not for me anyway. What a lovely story. It confirms my artist’s intuition about the importance of our arts and culture, as seen here, they are literally an integral part of this gentleman.
    All we need now is the compassion, the generosity and the will to use this tech to make such people’s lives still rich as their bodies fail.

  • chinagreenelvis

    I don’t see any proof that he’s particularly mute or unresponsive before listening to music. In fact, I see the opposite; the music only makes him wide-eyed and energetic. Well, that’s an old black man for you.