New Agers Vandalize Ohio’s Serpent Mound in “Working”

You’re welcome, Native Americans…

A group of “light warriors” buried what may be hundreds of small muffinlike resin objects, embedded with aluminum foil and quartz crystals, at Serpent Mound with the intent of realigning the energy of the ancient Native American site in Peebles.

The Ohio Historical Society and Adams County Sheriff K.R. Rogers haven’t arrested anybody yet in what they consider a serious vandalism case. But the people who apparently did it made it easy by laying out their actions in an extensive YouTube video where they acknowledge they “did some work” in September at the site in Adams County to help “lift the vibration of the Earth so we can all rise together.”

Read more at the Columbus Dispatch.

Hat tip: Skeptic.

Editor’s note: Video has been removed from YouTube. Believe me, I searched.

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  1. I wonder which day/night they did that…. curiously over the past couple of days I’ve been dropkicked into another emergence in the middle of a raging dark night. I’ve noticed that whenever hippies decide to do shit like this it seems to trigger a cascade of related synchronicity with it.

  2. BuzzCoastin | Nov 4, 2012 at 7:08 pm |

    on the bright side

    the New Agers did a hellava lot less damage than the “settlers” ever did

    • Calypso_1 | Nov 5, 2012 at 1:28 am |

      In the case of this mound the “settlers” preserved the heritage of a people that were gone centuries before their arrival.

      • BuzzCoastin | Nov 5, 2012 at 5:27 am |

        I was thinking of the settlers
        that brought the plagues
        that wiped out the last of the mound builders
        somewhere around 1500
        which kept them for maintaining their sites
        it is refreshing to note that the sites weren’t plowed flat

      • Unknown until relatively recently, the Serpent Mound rests inside a huge meteor crater.

        I have kin there and have many happy childhood memories of time spent near the Mound and in/around Brush Creek. (Enough that I’ve considered getting a tattoo of the Mound.)

        Also, the amount and variety of fossils in the area staggers the mind. There are some creeks in the area which you can walk along and see fossils embedded in every limestone surface which hasn’t been worn smooth by erosion.

        • Calypso_1 | Nov 5, 2012 at 4:16 pm |

          Yes…and its amazing to think that some theorists don’t believe the builders knew anything about the impact formation.

          I too have such childhood memories, but of the Ocmulgee & Black Warrior sites.

          I’ve been to festivals at all the major mound sites in the country, and camped at most. Some of them I’ve even had permission to participate in rituals. I’ve run into plenty of these ‘resinous muffinlike’ folk. They mean well, but i’ve yet to meet one that didn’t have a certain glassy sheen to their gaze.

        • Calypso_1 | Nov 5, 2012 at 4:33 pm |

          As to the fossils: It would be interesting to check with a paleontologist. I would think an impact would be both a localized extinction event and have the potential for laying down strata conducive to fossilization. If so I wonder if that is a common find around a crater?

  3. Curious. I make orgonite and wear it myself, and according to the info I just looked up the mound is about a 1/4 mile long. Most data I’ve seen says that one of those pucks should be effective over about that range, so why they’d use ‘hundreds’ is beyond me. You’d use lots of ‘tower busters’ as the pucks are called to cover a large area – in a relatively small area you’d want higher power/concentration, I’d imagine.

    I understand the concern about the act – altering ancient sites in significant ways robs the entire human race of knowledge. However, I doubt that any archeologists would assume that an ancient pre-Columbian culture was mixing up fiberglass resin, so unless they were very cavalier in their application of the pieces it seems minimal damage would be done. I just don’t see the point.

    While I kinda have to ‘shrug’ about this, I do think it’s kinda stupid to mess with such a structure if you’re not aware of what it ‘does’. While it acts as a calendar for sure, that could be one of many things the site is used for/does. While Orgonite does/should/might cleanse energy, and that’s a good thing in and of itself, there could be other ‘ripples’ or effects from such an action at such a site. New Orleans, for instance, didn’t seem to ‘like’ my presence when I had my Orgonite collection there, and the place has a long, sordid occult history after all. I got way stranger phenomena going around me than in California, for instance, but then, Cali is one of the most ‘gifted’ areas on the planet as far as Orgonite seeding goes.

    Seems if they wanted to ‘gift’ so badly they could pick better targets that might be actually beneficial. Seems almost ‘Christian missionary work’ in the sense of ‘needing to cleanse a ‘pagan’ site or something, but honestly, I don’t see much depth in folks that would post this video up and do the act with ‘light warrior’ t shirts on at the time. Hope the cops don’t show up, because it won’t exactly be hard to ID the perps…

    As far as the ‘desecration’ goes, are any living American Indian tribal folk even using the site for religious purposes anymore? It’s not a burial mound so it’s not desecrating remains either. I wonder, if acquainted with the purpose of Orgonite, if the shamans concerned would be very perturbed about it, aside from another aspect of the ‘invasion’ of course.

    The ‘skeptic’ article was funny. “Are these related to Orgone Energy?” Well, genius, do some research on that kooky stuff you’re trying to make fun of, and you tell me.

  4. In case anyone was still interested in this story, I went to the Serpent Mound earlier today (11-15-12) to see what I could find out about this story and any followup.

    I spoke with a (delightful) young woman who works there named “Megan” (sp). She’s employed at the Gift Shop/Museum which is located adjacent to the Mound. The narrative I’m about to relate is my memory of the discussion I had with her today, repeated here with her permission. Any inaccuracies should be attributed to me and failures of my memory.

    According to her, the not-yet-suspected vandals came in on a Wednesday evening, just before 5pm which is the closing time for the Gift Shop/Museum. The guy on duty (not Megan) collected their money and then closed the store and left for the day. The park remained open til Sunset, even though the store closed at 5pm.

    What was done by them and how long they stayed that evening is unknown.

    The next day they returned. This time they left 2 or 3 people in the Shop to distract the attendant, Megan, with conversation and some sort of Orgone related props they had brought along.

    While distracting her, other members went out and were up on the Mound. Fortunately, that day there was a volunteer working which they had apparently not accounted for and who confronted them.

    The confrontation stopped them from doing anything further, but a comment was made by the suspected vandals that they “already did what they needed to do” or something along those lines.

    Amazingly, some of the suspected vandals actually signed the Guest Book in the Shop. This has been of benefit to Law Enforcement, of course.

    Megan was the person who located the first two orgonites, which were lightly buried near a tree stump. Another was found in a small animal hole/burrow on the Mound and one was found later on. A total of 4 have been located so far.

    Unfortunately, metal detectors have proven to be of little use in detecting the orgonites, as the amount of foil is small.

    Personal recollection and records revealed that this group had rented (and trashed) a cabin in the area within the last couple years.

    Megan said that the (now unavailable) video started by showing the group running around on the Mound doing something. Then there was a long segment from “Ancient Aliens” about the Mound, then it showed them giving some sort of presentation of their own while standing at the tail of the Mound.

    At some point, mention was made of 300 orgonites being placed.

    It is theorized by some that the placements which occured in September were merely the last steps in a plan of several years placing the items in and around (including the wooded surroundings) in the lead up to the Dec. 21 2012 Date.

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