Portland Protesters Pepper Sprayed

Via Komo News:

Anti-austerity protesters associated with Occupy Portland and a group calling itself Portland Action Lab were pepper sprayed by riot gear-clad police during a Saturday march. Apparently the police felt that large wooden shields carried by the protesters posed a threat. Take a look in the video below and see what you think:

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  1. BuzzCoastin | Nov 5, 2012 at 7:52 pm |

    America finally has the Robo Cops it’s always wet-dreamed about

  2. I guess the dream isn’t alive in Portland.

    • Roger Mexico | Nov 6, 2012 at 2:18 am |

      I was at this march. (actually about a half block from the fracas in the video) Wasn’t sure what started it, but if it was wooden “shields” that’s a pretty pathetic excuse. (“I don’t like the fact that your wooden sign could be used as a shield if I decide to hit you, so therefore you’re threatening me by carrying it and I have to to hit you.”)

      PPB’s actually been on relatively good behavior for about the past year (ever since the feds opened a civil-rights investigation into their use of force policies), so this is sad to see, but it’s sad to see because it’s “typical” of them to be aggressive dickheads and this is a step back from some observable improvement.

      I was at the Occupy camp when they evicted it last fall too, and it was actually surprising how well the cops handled it. (Everybody was worried about the situation “going Oakland,” but I guess the mayor gave them a talking-to about the fact that they’d be on the news and he didn’t want any lawsuits or bad press.) At the midnight deadline, they tried to drive a phalanx of horses into the crowd, but when we held our line they dropped the issue, and eventually ceded the street to us.

      So, by standards of the last decade or so that I’ve been going to protests here, this is medium-bad police behavior, but it could have been worse. On the third hand, though, it seems to be “one step backward after “two steps forward.”

    • VaudeVillain | Nov 6, 2012 at 2:27 am |

      I wouldn’t worry, you can probably still put a bird on anything and call it art.

  3. Portland Stasi! PAPERS! SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS! Welcome to the Police States of America, folks.

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