Send Your Children On A Scientology Caribbean Cruise

Via the The Underground Bunker, Tony Ortega reveals an email sent out by the Church of Scientology soliciting members to send their children on a recruiting trip on the church’s private cruise ship. Presumably there may be pressure aboard to sign one of those notorious billion-year contracts:

Dear Young Scientologist or Scientology Parent,

I wanted to make sure you were informed about an incredible convention we are holding for young Scientologists. Enjoy 7 days of action-packed, fun-filled excitement in the Caribbean while you attend specially created seminars designed to help you achieve your goals more easily.


• How to talk Scientology with your non-Scientologist friends.
• How to achieve your goals more easily using a precise LRH tool design for this purpose.
• How to create a successful second dynamic that forwards your expansion across your dynamics.
• How to motivate yourself in life and actually achieve what you want without too much effort.
• How to handle suppression and suppressive elements in your environment.
• How to maintain high ethical standards when you are surrounded by out-ethics.
• How to be a successful leader in any area and exactly what the attributes of a successful leader are.

6 Comments on "Send Your Children On A Scientology Caribbean Cruise"

  1. Creepy stuff… “How to talk to your non-Scientokookoo friends”… (shudders)

  2. A fairly good cruise repeatedly interrupted by a sales pitch for an expen$ive, made-up religion. The smarter kids would smell a rat named L.Ron. Nothing like a good seminar on ethics (ha) instead of an island port call. David “The Poodle” Miscavige is the only winner here.

  3. ” Send Your Children On A Scientology Caribbean Cruise ”


  4. InfvoCuernos | Nov 13, 2012 at 4:04 pm |

    What, is this just staying in this solar system? What a scam…

  5. Sounds like fun! I know a better route through the North Atlantic from NYC to London… I’ll go ahead and just meet y’all there!!!

  6. Carl_Brutanananadilewski | Nov 15, 2012 at 8:07 am |

    How to talk Scientology with your non-Scientologist friends. = How to talk Scientology to your non-Scientologist friends without sounding like a meth addict drunk on ayahuasca and weasel piss.

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