Seven Year-Old Girl Battles Leukemia With Medical Marijuana

Seven-year old leukemia patient Mykayla Comstock receives a gram of cannabis oil a day to offset the side-effects of her chemotherapy. While both Mykayla and her mom say that the cannabis has been essential in maintaining her appetite, helping her sleep and generally keeping her spirits up, not everyone is so sure. Mykayla’s father (divorced from her mother) complains that Mykayla is “stoned out of her gourd” and only wants to play video games when he comes to visit, and is concerned that the drug may negatively impact her development.

  • toxiczen

    good on you mom! I apologize in advance for all the idiots that will scream child abuse!

  • hrostami

    I feel sorry for the girl for having to go through all this at such a young age !

    About medicinal marijuana, before judging you should watch this interesting documentary:

  • Justin Mitchell

    Apparently the ex would much rather watch his daughter suffer one of the most horrifying treatments on earth. What a dick. She’ll certainly develop her mind a lot more on video games than having conversations with her provincial father.

    • DeepCough

      Yeah, I mean, you know what else will stunt your child’s development? Death.

      • dumbsaint

        Seriously. He should be endlessly thankful that the poor thing gets at least some respite.

  • Apathesis

    Her father sounds like a real piece of work. He’s the one who should have cancer.

  • Eric Fischer

    This what the better part of a century of anti pot propaganda buys you. Anyone undergoing chemo should have access to whatever alleviates the side effects. period.

  • Artor

    If my dad was that much of a dick, I’d rather play games than hang out with him too.

    • Kevin Leonard

      Yeah, I was wondering how many 7 year olds would rather play video games than hang out with a father who comes around for “an August visit” and takes their child to a private lab for testing after he “observed strange behavior.”

  • BuzzCoastin

    if people knew anything about “chemo” therapy
    they’d know the pot oil is the least of her worries
    but as to the dude who’s worried that pot might damage a dying girls future
    he’d better smoke some pot & reconsider

  • “Big” Richard Johnson

    I see he would rather dump the prescribed used reactor coolant down his daughters throat.

  • MeeMan

    I find it sad that this plant is being used to fight off the effect of chemo when it could be used without the chemo to fight off the cancer alone without having to fight off the destructive chemo as well!
    Remember, Doctors and Hospitals get huge amounts of corporate and governmental cash for pushing their toxic “remedies” onto cancer patients but get nothing if someone used a non-toxic cure from a plant!
    It’s not about health; it never was. It’s all about getting your money!