Sheriff’s Deputy Protects the Rights of ‘Opt-Out’ Activists/Journalists at Airport

An officer of the law intercedes to protect the rights of two activists against the wishes of a peevish, but ultimately powerless, airport bureaucrat. The moment where the guy flings one of their hand-outs on the floor and stomps off furiously tapping on his iPhone is internet comedy gold.

  • Zenc
  • itsmefool

    Heck, yeah! Power to the people…love it! BTW, where can I get a flyer?

  • Camron Wiltshire

    Kudos to Mr. Lenic. If every police officer upheld their sworn oath to the Constitution America would truly be the land of liberty.

    • Eva Remedes

      Why on earth would you get down voted for your comment…..

      • Camron Wiltshire

        Good question!

  • emperorreagan

    When useless authority figures battle!

  • DeepCough

    I’d call this inane–of course, when was the last time you saw civil liberties protected at the airport?

  • joe blow

    You can opt out of the body scanner?

    Why am i not surprised i didn’t know this.

    • Hadrian999

      you get the “chick at a frat party” routine instead

  • 5by5

    Oh the cops are priceless! Thank god a few of them are actually respecting the laws they are charged with enforcing, and aren’t just bullies like that douchebag airport official!

    As I watched that, I was pleased that the cop point blank told him, “They aren’t doing anything wrong. They aren’t violating state or federal laws.” The end, period, goodbye.I also appreciate his simple statement that, I know you’re well within your First Amendment rights. !!! FINALLY!!

    And to the airport authority official, 1.) An airport is taxpayer funded, so it’s OUR airport, bitch. 2.) In no way are they “blocking traffic” by handing out a simple flier. 3.) It’s not private property and such a simple harmless act does NOTHING to hurt anyone (as is clearly shown by the video), so RELAX.

    Seriously to guys like this, I just wanna go, “Hey dude, just chill. It’s so much easier than ramming that stick up your ass every morning.”

    Most of all though, I’m really pleased with the cop who simply KNEW HIS JOB is as much to protect and serve people’s right to speak freely with each other in a Free Society, as is it is to protect life and property. WELL DONE.

    • Miracles

      wait a sec, pipe down there. wheres ur 1 million dollar insurance policy?

  • MoralDrift

    this restored some of my faith in the law enforcement community

  • Raz

    Moments like this are like a unicorn. Must be preserved at all costs cause who knows when if will gona happen again.

  • Sam10

    Fuck you people! And the modem that brought you here!

  • Anarchy Pony

    A pig not being a pig? Color me pleasantly surprised.

  • InfvoCuernos

    The airport official seemed like he was just being a dick, just to be a dick. Really what does he gain by keeping people in the dark about opting out of the body scan? The only reason I can think of is that the body scan really is used in some nefarious way and they don’t want people dodging out of it.
    I hate flying, not out of any fear of flying but out of extreme discomfort induced by all these security measures.

    • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness

      The campaign to opt out is an attempt to break the fascist practice of coercive body scans. It’s that guy’s job to enforce this fascist practice, and so what these people are attempting will make his life more difficult. Long lines, complaining passengers, increased expenses, maybe even him losing his job if it effects the bottom line for the moneyed interests involved.

      While I can understand the frustration over potential inconvenience, he was protecting his position of privilege with coercion and threats. Total dick move, even if he had a reason.

  • toxiczen

    awwww mister bigshot got his balls cut off… 😛

  • Milord

    Why you should opt out and also call your congressional reps:

  • asdf

    i would the dudes doing this more seriously if they were not constantly using the refrain

    “ the number one alternative news organization!!!!!!!!!”

    seriously, every god damn other word out of their mouth is that.

    • “Big” Richard Johnson

      I don’t even know what “infowars” is.

  • jhdjbdjbjd

    Stupid hippies, why don’t get YOUR own transportation and stop using THEIR transportation so we all can can stop worrying about them fondling on people, you put yourself into harms way by using what is theirs know what they do! smh. Dumb Americans!