Species-Wide Brain Damage

Video interview with radical consciousness researcher Tony Wright on our state of species wide neural retardation and our past symbiosis with dozens of the most complex organisms in all of the biosphere:

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  1. Trevor Smith | Nov 2, 2012 at 3:48 am |

    Lots of info and reviews from people like Stan Grof, Dennis McKenna, and others, on this site: http://leftinthedark.org.uk/

  2. Calypso_1 | Nov 2, 2012 at 9:56 am |

    In case anyone starts watching this and finds the interviewer to be rather annoying, it becomes more apparent later that the individual seems to be prepping Mr. Wright for a hard interview style.

    Other than that- Tony Wright’s ideas are fascinating and deserve examination. If you haven’t read his book or followed any of the material on his site I highly recommend them.

    • cameroon | Nov 2, 2012 at 2:39 pm |

      Yeah the interviewer leaves a bit to be desired. But there was some great answers.. Particularly in the later part of the interview where some of the more tricky bits of the puzzle/theory that tend to confuse people were clearly elucidated.

    • Fusionism | Nov 2, 2012 at 9:23 pm |

      Not only is the interviewer disrespectful and clearly out of his depth, he says “pacific” instead of specific! And symbotic in place of symbiotic. I loved the writer’s in depth explanations and interesting theories. Perhaps they could edit out the patronizing questions and controlling directions and it would be much more enjoyable. I look forward to reading the book…and perhaps another foray into MDMA. Brings back fantastic memories…

    • I seen this guy before. Once at the bus stop asking me if I had 25 cents. Another time in the parking lot of a seven eleven hunting for cigarette butts. Seriously, look at this guy and tell me that doesn’t fit.

      • Please flag this ridiculous comment, he’s clearly just trolling now ^

        • “Even if there is only a 1% chance our neural system is seriously retarded/compromised then the only sane response would be to rigorously investigate as an urgent priority? I think the evidence stacks up way beyond a 1% chance, but unfortunately if the condition is real then the response will reflect its severity.”

          Interesting then, to read Ted’s replies…..

  3. I think he looks sickly. Which might seem like a mean thing to say, but he’s a vegan making health claims, so I think its fair game. I find his ideas interesting though. I think the paleo diet is the way to go, for my biology anyway. Gorillas are insectivores too and chimps eat meat. And I think our ancestors hunted a lot more than either chimps or gorillas.

    I think if you grew up on a Western starch based diet and developed pre-diabetes going from that to eating lots of fruit may not be a smart move. Because if you have already developed glucose intolerance and insulin resistance all that fructose will continue to mess you up.

    • Not sure why you’re comparing us to gorillas..Our physiology is more geared towards fruit eating than even Bonobos (even teeth), who are far more similar to us than gorillas and already eat hardly any meat to begin with. And when an ample supply of fresh fruit is actually available primates are way more likely to consume that. For more heavy evidence proving that we are well adapted to eat fruit read the first post in page 26 of this thread: http://forums.ayahuasca.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=19380&start=375

      • But i do agree somewhat with you’re last paragraph. I think transitioning slowly is the safest way to go for the majority of people. I think the later part of the interview actually went into this a bit.

    • And about the whole meat/cooking part..This is explained in the FAQ section here (among other places): http://beyond-belief.org.uk/node/9

      “Isn’t there evidence for our ancestors living in non-forest environments and hunting, eating meat and cooking their food?

      Yes there is significant evidence going back millions of years for our ancestors and our existing relatives inhabiting various types of forest and non-forest/non-fruit habitats and adapting their behaviour to survive. The evidence for non-forest habitation is cited as part of the long-standing presumption that such environments were essential to explain key traits during our recent evolution, particularly in regard to our large ‘structurally advanced’ brain and related intelligence. This presumption ignores the much more substantial and extant evidence that large intelligent brains were and still are the product of symbiotic evolution in the relatively benign tropical forests.

      There is also the related and equally flawed presumption that finding evidence for some of our ancestors inhabiting non-forest environments accounts for the whole of our ancestral lineage. It’s as if one day all the members of any given ancestral lineage got together in the benign and bio-chemically rich forest and agreed to move en-mass to a much more hostile and bio-chemically impoverished habitat.

      Evidence for non-forest habitation by some of our relatives tells us nothing at all of any ongoing forest habitation by others. For example the Olive Baboon can be seen today inhabiting a wide range of environments from semi-arid desert like environments through savannah and woodland to wet tropical forest. Now or in the future, evidence for their existence will be more easily preserved and discovered in arid climates with little chance of finding any evidence for their relative abundance in the wet tropics.

      There seems little doubt that individuals and large groups of our ancestors did find themselves in such hostile environments for any number of reasons and using their forest evolved brain and related intelligence survived for significant periods even adapting and speciating. It does seem a bit odd that in the environments that supposedly built and honed our ancestor’s large intelligent brain did not prove to be such a great place to survive. A number of relatively large brained apes still inhabit the forests, yet only one of the many examples found in non-forest habitats still survives and even in its current guise it can still inhabit the forest.”

    • Fruits and vegetables tend to have a low glycemic index. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycemic_index

    • fructose has a glycemic index of 19 out of a 100. I don’t think you fully understand nutrition.

      • fructose is also one of the big parts of metabolic syndrome. Its all a lot more complex than the glycemic index.

        • Anything in excess creates problems but its all very complex but according to my research the glycemic index is very important. The amount of fructose consumed is very important and high fructose corn syrup is a problem because its concentrated and processed, hitting you with an elevated amount fructose without any other buffer slowing down digestion. Constant consumption of foods that have a high GI and high GF pose the biggest risk, not so much fructose in moderate amounts, while the biggest risk being lack of exercise while eating high GI foods. Some say that the figs that the buddah consumed while meditating under the tree are what gave him expanded consciousness by boosting his serotonin. Did he get diabetes or heart disease from it? I don’t know, I just know that fresh fruits paired with a balanced diet is not the problem. In fact people like me who display symptoms of hypoglycemia but don’t have diabetes need a boost of sugar after exercise to feel 100%. Its all very complex but I know discarding fresh fruits is not going to solve the problem, just make it worse but I know foods with a High GI eaten all the time cause a lot of the problems. We all need a stable level of blood sugar and gentle way of keeping blood sugar at the proper level, getting them from foods with low to medium GI seems to be the proper way to do it, because too many insulin spikes are detrimental and low blood sugar creates a host of unwanted symptoms like fatigue and depression. To stay low risk, keep insulin from spiking unless you need to recover from exercise but one also needs the vitamins that are in fruits, they are natures supplements, in reality everyone needs to study nutrition and diets and create a custom diet that works best for them.

          • Yeah, well what this guy is calling for is pretty excessive fruit consumption.

          • all kinds of gainzz | Nov 3, 2012 at 3:59 am |

            As long as it does not spike insulin and gradually is released in the system its ok. The body uses sugar and even stores it, its the spike caused by high GI foods and lack of exercise that seem to cause metabolic syndrome, not ingestion of sugars that are released gradually into the blood stream because they need to be converted to glucose first. This guy is just telling people to eat nice fresh foods because the beef you love is not available to everyone around the world in such high amounts as it is here in america. The key is to eat a balanced diet of high quality foods and when beef is lacking, fruits are way better than grains, white rice spikes insulin like nothing else and a great part of the world eats tons upon tons of white rice, and yet they have low diabetes numbers because they do physical work all day everyday in the third world but here a lot of people sit all day and when they do physical work it is assisted by machines cutting down on the work load. But what he really is introducing is the split brain physiology which is the key to human behavioral problems both individual and in a grand scale but you have to read his book to go deep into that.

          • fruits do have a lower glycemic qualities because while they are high in sugars, they are also high in fiber. This helps in digestion and prevents the super-strong blood-sugar effects you associate with processed breads… or candy :-P. Sugar gets a very bad rap because most of the time, in the US, it is found in the pure rocket-fuel edition of table sugar or candies(hello Halloween) rather than in its natural state in the fruits.

            Despite all this, I do agree with your assertion that balanced intake is ideal

          • yeah ive seen your big discussion with some lady on being a vegan, I can see your understand whats going on in the body. This is just whats working for me right now. If my blood sugar gets low I do not perform as well in the semi pro sports league i play in or at the gym, I just use so much energy moving around, and have found the best response is a little bit of sugar to recover. And when I am not playing sports I try to stay away from a lot of carbs and sugars while eating a bunch of small meals a day to keep blood sugar at a stable level. insulin and glucacon are complicated. And the only thing I know for sure is that proper dopamine production is key to brain function but it gets so much more complicated than just dopamine and thats why i am interested in Tonys theories.

          • Hey, i’m not really anti-vegan (I was just anti- THAT vegan). really i believe in “to each his own”.

          • Trevor Smith | Nov 3, 2012 at 2:45 pm |

            It’d be interesting to hear what you guys think of this theory after reading the book


          • hah thats funny, i had that on my backlog of things to read, but i didn’t put 2 and 2 together that he was the author. This is probably the 5th time someone said “read the book” and the first time someone actually said which book.

          • Its badly written. Vegans like it because he agrees with them.

          • See, the thing is I read the fucking book. Several months ago, so its a little foggy, but He says something to the effect of our libido/testosterone is too high and that eating mostly nothing but fruit will cure it. So maybe my comment seems like a non-sequiter but its not. So eat your limp dick diet I don’t give a fuck.

          • Oh brother. You clearly don’t understand the theory at all..

          • Yeah, I do. He has a quote in there of a guy who at nothing but fruit and nuts and completely lost his sex drive and thought it was awesome. He felt he was liberated. Anyway, Wright claims if you have lower testosterone it takes you longer to come, but that’s complete BS. Its about control. If you have low testosterone you can’t maintain erections. You need testosterone to have sex. You need cholesterol to have testosterone, you need meat to get cholesterol.

          • I know, she was attacking you personally. I eat everything a vegan eats while also eating food from animal sources too. Its not even about the diet i think, its the whole “meat is murder” situation with them. If meat becomes outlawed ill try being a vegan to keep the wolves from my front door but for now I need the protein and fats, also the psychological boost great tasting beef brings as comfort food. Eat meat just dont make it the only part of your diet and exercise, if you dont exersice, eat less food. obviously you know about this, i am just writing it for substance, not trying to patronize. take care

  4. Meat is brain food.

    • Citation?

      • I said it. I am a man.

        • anyway his premise is fucked. I think the symbiosis stuff is interesting. I think there is something to it. But there are plenty of monkeys that eat mostly fruit, and they don’t have huge brains.

          Looky looky what a clever google search turned up https://www.google.com/search?q=Gorilla+brain+size+limited+by+diet&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

          • I believe you need to eat both or at least get the vital vitamins and minerals that are in fruits. If you are a really physical person, you need lots of protein for muscle reconstruction and Complex carbs for energy, carbs turn into glucose which is pure energy. The glycemic index of foods dictates the number one source of fuel for an athletics performance, but one needs to be usingthat glucose with exercise or else you develop diabetes. People that only eat protein have a hard time finding the energy to exercise, for example the people on the Atkins diet. Just eating meat will not supplement you with the nutrition you need for optimal brain health and construction of special brain tissue and all the other chemicals the glands synthesize like Dopamine, which governs a lot of functions. If you are not a physically active person and live a sedentery life style you can eat less food, which means you wont be eating an excessive amount of fruit for energy which keeps your glucose in check while still giving one the vital minerals and vitamins needed for proper brain function. Also when you eat steak, get something that is well marbled. Beef that is well marbled has fat between the muscle fibers and that is good fat, that is also needed from brain function, it also tastes way better and is more tender. Marbled beef is usually more expensive or harder to find. One also has to watch that cholesterol. You don’t need to eat carbs but if you want to be athletic you need to load up on the carbs, but if you live a sedative life style you need to stay away from them and eat less volume in general, stay at 2,000 calories daily instead of 12,000 like Olympic swimming champion Mike Phelps. So in the end I agree with your meat eating ways and his fruit eating ways and I expand advocating the proper use of complex carbs and glucose. The problem is not having a balanced diet as a habit.

        • I don’t get it. Women don’t eat meat or women don’t have brains?

  5. Simaintongue | Nov 2, 2012 at 12:43 pm |

    About the question of where we might have gone wrong in an evolutionary sense. Why is there always the underlying assumption that our kind of primate intelligence is an evolutionary “success” of some kind? I mean, modern Homo Sapiens have only been around in our present form for what, maybe a few hundred thousand years at most? That’s hardly a snip in evolutionary time scales. Hardly enough time to determine whether our type of intelligence is an evolutionary success or not.

    In terms of population for example we know that those species who adapt successfully, to a point where their numbers far outstretch the environments ability to support such numbers, is a sure sign of an evolutionary dead end, so to speak. Humans are around 7 billion in population, what’s more, we seem to be under the almost collective impression that the environment can sustain an ever increasing amount of people. By all counts our type of intelligence is really a setup for an enormous fall. And as they say “they bigger they are…”

    Maybe they address this. I promise myself to watch the rest tonight in hopes they do.

    • Trevor Smith | Nov 2, 2012 at 2:47 pm |

      Yeah the book, if not the interview itself, definitely mentions this sort of area. If we’re all essentially
      suffering from a species wide case of insanity/dementia then out oblivious destruction of the very environment that sustains us, in all its facets (overpopulation being one of them), would be an expected symptom. We have the means to change the world to a better place but despite that our culture is still a loaded gun aimed at the head of this planet, and all its inhabitants- to quote terence.

      All of these band-aid fixes will not work in the long run because they don’t address the source of all of these huge problems: human consciousness

      • Simiantongue | Nov 2, 2012 at 3:28 pm |

        I’ll have to pick that one up then, that’s my general impression too. Thanks for the link in your other comment too.

        • No problem. Happy to help get this stuff out there. I wouldn’t be so bent on it had i not explored this area for a while. If the diagnosis is correct then, expectedly, it can take a long time to really sink in! It definitely seems to get to the point though where it just becomes more and more self-evident that something really going on here.

  6. I eat all the vegetables vegans eat, fruit in season and in moderation plus meat and raw milk. I’m 41 I have 20/10 vision in both eyes. I can do 100 push ups and run two miles in under 13 minutes, I mountain biked 50 miles in one day this summer, through mountains. I wake up every morning with a hard on I could cut diamonds with, I can grow a full beard in a few days. I am a carnivore! I love meat and raw milk. You say “humans” aren’t meant to drink milk? The most bad ass warriors on the planet drank raw milk. My ancestors drank milk on the Pontic steps and used their ability to digest lactose for military hegemony. They produced more calories per acre then farmers and dominated the region, nobody could copy them, unless they had their genes! Eventually most of the surrounding people did!!

    There is no evidence of any vegan culture anywhere. I don’t even lift weights. I am just active and when I eat right I grow muscle.



    Vegans end up anemic unless they eat weird processed protein shakes. I eat Cappicola and shit textured vegetable protein!

    • Calypso_1 | Nov 3, 2012 at 12:48 am |

      If you eat veggies, fruit & meat that should have been – “I am an omnivore!”

      ; )

      ps: what pontic steppe peoples are you claiming ancestry from?

      • All the bad ass ones.

        • Okay, okay, we believe you have a penis. You don’t have to puff your chest out so much.

        • And despite your brazen manliness you haven’t replied to any of the points i made in response to you…hmm..

          • Dude, this guy has crazy Charles Manson eyes and says everyone is brain damaged for not eating enough bananas? So what he if he stayed awake for eleven days or whatever. I’ve seen plenty of guys that look like him and have done that. Its called METH.

          • Calypso_1 | Nov 3, 2012 at 5:28 pm |

            Is that really what you see coming off of his eyes?

          • This guy looks creepy. Pretend you didn’t like his ideas. What does he look like? What is your “read” on him.

            To me I go on that first. I don’t care if I agree with whatever ideology they are spouting or not.

          • jason wilp | Nov 3, 2012 at 6:39 pm |

            Ideology? Your the one whose refusing to even look into a scientific theory because it thoroughly contradicts your OWN set of BELIEFS! A lot of eminent minds in various fields support Tony’s contentions but your little reality bubble is so thick that you cant see outside of it, so you resort to typical judgmental illusions as a deflection/defense mechanism.

            To be honest, all you’ve done in here is dodge rational conversation and instead have flailed your inflated ego all over the place like an idiotic asshole. Your posts themselves are typical of people these days, which are just further support that humanity is in deep shit with all these idiotic dominator control freaks running around who lack any sort of critical thinking ability

            p.s. I’m sure a lot of people would say you look creepy as well after taking a look those pictures. Just sayin.

          • I read the book dumb ass. I said we may have had symbiotic relationships with fruit trees and that vegan ism is bullshit. The right brain left brain has some merit. He is promoting a diet and looks like a homeless meth head. So, I can only say. It must not work. Nothing else to say.

          • Maybe he looks so bad because he hasn’t slept in eleven days.

          • Calypso_1 | Nov 4, 2012 at 1:11 pm |

            I believe I do understand what you could call “creepy”. The first time I came across Tony Wright was from only an image. I had no idea what his ideas where about. Instead of being off put, I identified a quality that made me want to find out what he had going on. It is a look that I have generally come to identify in those that have had deep psychedelic experiences and have processed them at a level that I personally can find mutual recognition in only a ‘glance’.

            As to watching his body language and features without sound as you requested, I did so and saw no signs that would give me concern in a clinical setting. There are a number of traits that I would indentify with someone who is deeply interiorized. When coming out of that state and projecting towards another person the gaze can be interpreted as ‘intense’ or perhaps intimidating. I saw no sign of aggression in it and saw more of a defocused ‘power gaze’. This could certainly cause some problems with interpersonal relation as an individual might be relating more with their own
            conceptual framework (or attempting to impose it) than actually seeing the
            person they are interacting with. He didn’t even seem to have a personal sense of when the interviewer was being abrasive which showed some disassociation from the interpersonal. His responses, when so engaged, where gentle, good humored and showed a level of ego stability that was well formed and seemed desirous of improved
            communication and clarity of intent.

            Interestingly in his hand gestures I do see signs of more balanced hemispheric expression than most individuals, which could lend some credence to his claims. Some of his more exaggerated facial expressions *there come at moments when there is obvious break from this sync being demonstrated by his gestures.
            This also corresponds to points in the dialog where he is talking about the left brain expression these states poorly.

            “Creepy” in the sense of something seriously unstable, perverted, dangerous, aberrant – not really, not in my experience and I’ve spent a fair amount of time starring into the eyes of the ‘deranged’.

            *(I also viewed stop/go on this video for about ½ an hour and think he shows less microexpression content than average. I wouldn’t quite call this flat
            affect, thereis increased symmetry going on with both sides of his face. Some of this comes from certain English facial mannerisms; – it does tend to pronounce the framing of his eye expression)

          • Watch it with the sound tuned off and just go on body language and eyes.

          • you look pretty creepy too. You have some muscle but being too heavily muscled cuts down of cardio and reflexes and your ideas are just sub par when it comes to nutrition. Humans are the only animal that drink whole milk after maturing. Just because a person is not full of muscle does not mean they are not healthy. I bet he lives longer than you and his brain uses more energy thinking and writing. Plus no one cares about your morning wood, please leave it out of the discussion wtf. The whole point of the book is cutting down of violent behavior, so I do not want to be a badass warrior, id rather eat the complete opposite of what violent bastards eat . Protein shakes digest super fast and are ideal for muscle recovery. Steak is good but too much of it is detrimental and we all know this. Dont be such a bone head. You look like some violent skin head. Its not just about general health, to be truly healthy you got to have cat like reflexes and a high IQ which you most likely do not posses. If you want obove average energy, eat every 3 hours and try reading some books on nutrition, its not simple as eating steak and drinking milk, diet has to be balanced and the intake constant and if you are not getting rare minerals and vitamins its not ideal.

          • I’d be willing to arrange a cross country race, between me and anyone who can demonstrate they have been eating the fruit based diet(and thus as the book claims a lowered libido). I have excellent cardio and flexibility. I have a low resting heart rate and excellent endurance. I hike in the woods and hills every day.

            I post in my real name. So all you pussies can either put up or shut the fuck up. But if you want to race me in a 5K email me. tedheistman@gmail.com

          • Calypso_1 | Nov 4, 2012 at 12:43 pm |

            You are no doubt fit, the comparison to ‘muscle bound’ & cardio/flexibility is a bad one and has been disproved, not sure about a fruit only diet but there are vegans that compete in ultramarathons.

          • Yeah and they eat heavy heavy amounts of protein shakes. Which often are soy based and its really hard to get non GMO soy. So I say fuck that. There are ultra marathoners who eat high protein, low carb. That guy with a greek name that ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days eats high protein low carb.

          • The book comes right out and says eating only nuts and fruits will erase your sex drive. He sees it as a good thing. I may come across as being an ulta macho dick head in this discussion, but I am just providing a counterpoint. I assumed more people had read the book than is actually the case. But anyway I think Masculine and Feminine energy are both good. But a lot of people have a philosophy that masculine=evil and they eat this stuff right up.

            Like all men are evil, all meat eating is evil, sex is evil yada yada yada.

          • One have to be one of the dumbest, egotistical, and ignorant meat head i’ve ever seen on disinfo. That above post went RIGHT over your head! lololol

          • What went over my head? He made no cogent point. He is simply threatened by my masculinity apparently and says I am muscle bound, which I am not. You probably haven’t even read the book.

          • Calypso_1 | Nov 4, 2012 at 3:26 pm |

            Heistman, I often enjoy your views but this is getting rather tangential. I have serious doubts as to whether anybody experienced a single waver of threat by being exposed to your masculinity.

            I agree to a great extent in reference to people such as the Masai, or you can take the Inuit. One of the most remarkable things about our species is its adaptability. Perhaps we owe that in part to the plasticity offered by increased neuroprocessing.

          • Just quit while you are ahead | Nov 4, 2012 at 5:46 pm |

            Yeah you post under your real name because you are an over confident, ignorant misguided, artless fool. I am going to sign you up to some many porn sites mailing lists and spam you will need a life style change just to check your email, seems like you dont understand the internet as well, there is a reason why people keep their privacy, its not because we are scared its out of pure respect for the power of the internet and what people can do with your email address and identity, also aliases are hip and you using your real name shows a lack of creativity, we are not the government, we dont need nor want your info, we are all one here, name are just for funs. What dumb ass, typical meat head who probably never competed in high level sports acting like he is the fastest guy in the world. For all we know, you blood dope like armstrong. Get a life, post something good instead of this crap.

      • I can live on cured meat and cigars if I have to.

        • id kick your bike riding ass old man. stop trying to show off. not many chicks around here.

          • You know how many anonymous people on the internet claimed they could kick my ass? Have you been not eating enough fruit? Why so aggro? This diet is supposed to lower your testosterone.

          • Oh i’d guess its a lot of people. Not surprising though, since your clearly an ego-maniacal asshole

          • shut up again | Nov 4, 2012 at 5:32 pm |

            Trust me past your prime troll, you would get the ass whopping of your life. I never said I ate only fruits but I sure dont just eat milk and steak, my make up is way more complex than that. I have a feeling you wont be posting here for long, you just popped out of nowhere acting like you know everything and thats a no no. Its takes me a while to get annoyed but you seem to have done it in a few meat eating posts. I am anonymous but I will be a constant here for you as I will be trolling posts and will give you a mental whopping instead since time and space separates us. P.S you beard look like my pubes and my legs have more muscle than your whole body, I do like you shinny head tho, nice touch there.

        • Uncle Ziggy | Nov 4, 2012 at 10:08 am |

          Cathexis is indeed a powerful force. Have you tried curing your own meat? Starting with jerky is a good primer.

          • So you read the book right? He said we all should lower our libido. So yeah. Cathexis (I had to google it) that’s my counterpoint to his argument.

    • “Vegans end up anemic unless they eat weird processed protein shakes.”

      This is complete BS. There are “raw vegans” who have been that way for 20 years and don’t drink protein shakes, and show no sign of anemia. If anything most people today are eating way too much shitty protein.

      Good for you that your healthy..but far too often people project their own experience as if its some general guiding arrow for reality..just because something works for you doesn’t mean that your particular diet is the best thing for humans, or that it is even remotely equatable with the diet we ate for tens of millions of years in the tropical forests. This theory isn’t saying that some people can’t live a relatively healthy life on other diets, it is looking at the epigenetic affects of the biochemistry on an evolutionary level, and showing that there are very powerful latent functions in the human brain that have become dormant because they depended on an unimaginably complex flood of biochemistry for their development and function. If you have any evidence at all to refute the basic mechanisms proposed, then by all means share it with us.

      And so what if no culture today eats like we probably did in the forests? That was 200,000 years ago. The resources were lost, along with the knowledge and many other perceptual abilities. It would have been vital to dramatically change the way we ate once that habitat was lost and the symbiosis began to break down- while our neural architecture began reverting to the more primitive/mamallian hormone regime and thus we started loosing the functions dependant on the symbiosis. Our primate ancestors still live there, and our physiology suggests even more adaption to a fruit based diet than even chimps, gorillas, and bonobos. But even these primates have huge brains and great intelligence compared to most animals, and so suggesting that there were two separate causes for this explosion in brain size in the same family tree is just ridiculous.

    • The South of Brazil and Northern Argentina where a lot of cattle ranches are located, have the highest cancer rates in the region because they mostly eat Beef. The gauchos sure are macho and prefer being known as “badass” not unlike yourself but they also die slow agonizing early deaths due to cancer. I guess one has to be badass to stomach a fate such as that. Pick your poison but you should get scientific about your diet before its too late.

      • The Masai eat nothing but milk, blood and meat and don’t get cancer or heart disease.

        • with the maasai, its almost certain that its something to do with their genetic make up and not the food they eat. Most likely after countless generations adapting to harsh conditions they developed specialized genes to endure their harsh and minimalist life style. The question is how many individuals had to die so natural selection could take place? Also they run all over the place getting plenty of exercise but in contrast have not made many leaps in technology or created any infrastructure, so does not fair well for the “meat is brain food” many are also moving to a more modern life styles. Wikipedia state: The needs for protein and essential amino acids are more than adequately satisfied. However, the supply of iron, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin A, thiamine and energy are never fully met by a purely milk diet. Due to changing circumstances, especially the seasonal nature of the milk supply and frequent droughts, most pastoralists, including the Maasai, now include substantial amounts of grain in their diets. Can’t hide from the truth bro and from what you state the gauchos live a similar life style as your own and get cancer while eating cattle fed with pristine grass. Fact is; Beef and milk are not enough and when the body lacks rare minerals and vitamins it makes errors in the division of cells creating cancer cells that kill individuals. See you on the other side.

          • They are extremely genetically diverse, probably due to their tradition of marriage by kidnapping, which is actually quite common among nomadic pastoralists. So its NOT certain at all that they have a genetic predisposition for their diet.

  7. Robert Anton Wilson | Nov 7, 2012 at 2:42 pm |

    “Even if there is only a 1% chance our neural system is seriously retarded/compromised then the only sane response would be to rigorously investigate as an urgent priority? I think the evidence stacks up way beyond a 1% chance, but unfortunately if the condition is real then the response will reflect its severity.”

    This ^

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