• Anarchy Pony

    Clearly it’s the sound of freedom ringing. Why do you commies all hate America?

  • adam

    This is pure STUPID… its the wind catching an edge? HURPDADURP

  • LordGorgon

    I’m not saying its aliens… but its aliens

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.potter.716 Jim Potter

    It’s aliens contacting the mothership

  • http://twitter.com/bigstupidsmile adam

    Ooooh I could use that sound and I shall.

  • DrDavidKelly

    It’s the ghosts of all the dead children killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11.

  • Gort

    it’s the bones of the dead crying out “why have you not learned”.

  • BuzzCoastin

    it was noise from the demolition crew
    putting the ferrite in place for the next 9/11

  • RoboKy

    I think we all know what it means…