The Bigfoot Blimp

Just one more Bifgoot story y’all, via Reuters:

An Idaho scientist shrugging off skeptical fellow scholars in his quest for evidence of Bigfoot has turned his sights skyward, with plans to float a blimp over the U.S. mountain West in search of the mythic, ape-like creature.

Idaho State University has approved the unusual proposal of faculty member Jeffrey Meldrum, an anatomy and anthropology professor ridiculed by some peers for past research of a being whose existence is widely disputed by mainstream science.

Now Meldrum is seeking to raise $300,000-plus in private donations to build the remote-controlled dirigible, equip it with a thermal-imaging camera and send it aloft in hopes of catching an aerial glimpse of Bigfoot, also known as sasquatch…

[continues at Reuters]


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  • Anarchy Pony

    Bigfoot, the woodland ninja.

  • Zenc

    The guy should have saved himself the trouble and just asked to use the DHS surveillance blimp.

    Or maybe he could have called in an anonymous tip that Bigfoot was in cahoots with Islamic Terrorists… On second thought, nah. He probably didn’t want the govt to start faking Bigfoot footage too.

    • InfvoCuernos

      You don’t want them to start drone attacks on the ‘Squatch either.

      • Zenc

        Especially since I spend time in the woods and I’m a bit shaggy, myself.

  • alizardx

    I’m dubious, but “go look” rather than pull ‘authoritative’ guesses out of one’s ass is good science. And those thermal scans should be quite useful for lots of environmental researchers if he posts the data collected afterwards.

  • Matt Staggs

    There’s a Bigfoot floating in the sky/he’d like to come and meet us but he thinks he’d blow our minds…


    actually this would be pretty cool, considering (southern) idaho really doesn’t have many trees… just lots of (and I mean LOTS of) sage and open dead..grass..weed..mixture.. stuff…. I once was hiking in So. ID and my husband and I heard what sounded like wood knocking. (We happen to be nearby a little patch of trees, far and few inbetween) Our dogs heard it too and were very concerned… Very much so the had the feeling of being watched as well, and we’ve heard some crazy stories from the most straightup rightwinger “normal” people out there, about things they have seen…