The Creative Living Of Freegans

Via the Subculture Club, a look at the philosophy and existence of a few New York City freegans, revealing a world of adventure behind every meal:

Freeganism is creative living outside of capitalism. Free from the oppression of the wage slave economy, and free in that you’re not paying for things, not participating in a moneyed economy.

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  • BuzzCoastin

    the US produces enough “trash”
    to feed the hungry, to shelter the homeless and to fuel all the energy needs of America
    and still have trash left over

    but I really like the concept of non-participation in the capitalist system
    and everyday I take another step in that direction

  • RoboKy


  • O.B.

    A small point, but I would argue that this is creative living *alongside* capitalism, rather than outside it — this couldn’t exist without the wasteful excess of the capitalist system.

    And to belabor the point, it’s actually passive participation in the moneyed economy rather than non-participation.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    i got to eat some premium food items i never could afford that i found in dumpsters. now all the supermarkets have large trash compactors directly connected to the store so there is no chance of getting at anything thrown out.

    • Andrew


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