The DisinfoCast: Episode 35: Carla Wills-Brandon

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Licensed therapist, grief counselor, author and near-death researcher Carla Wills-Brandon is here to discuss the phenomena of deathbed visions: A culturally univeral phenomena in which the dying report seeing visions of friends and family who have died before them. Wills-Brandon has appeared on numerous programs, including Coast to Coast AM, Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, Geraldo Rivera and many others. Her most recent book is Heavenly Hugs: Comfort, Support and Hope from the Afterlife.

1 Comment on "The DisinfoCast: Episode 35: Carla Wills-Brandon"

  1. Robin Datta | Nov 29, 2012 at 9:55 am |

    The idea of an “afterlife” applies only to those who have not reached so-called “enlightenment”. For the “enlightened” there is no afterlife, just as there is no “afterlife” for a wave on the surface of the ocean. This approach is found in the non-theistic religions, including non-dual Vedanta and Buddhism; indeed it is also at the core of Kabbalah, where the Yechidah (the purest essence of the individual “soul”) is considered indistinguishable from Ein Sof (the ultimate essence of the Divine).

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