The Meaning of Sacred Geometry, Part Two: What’s The Point?

FreeMasonry, Kabbalah, Nuclear Physics, Blackholes, Space Time and the Mustard seed of our reality deftly analyzed and synthesized for your consideration.

“The practice of Sacred Geometry opens to the mind’s eye an analog of alternate worlds, higher dimensions representing the ultimate creative process and an unfolding evolution from Unity to multiplicity, and it demonstrates the fact that this unfolding on a cosmic scale is governed by the laws and relations of geometry.”
-Randall Carlson

The Meaning of Sacred Geometry Part 2: What’s The Point?

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“Ante omnia Punctum exstitit…”
“Before all things were, there was a Point.”
Anonymous, 18th century ‘Le Mystere de la Croix’

Sacred Geometry, to be fully appreciated and experienced, must be undertaken as a contemplative, or meditative exercise.  From the initial act of putting pencil or compass point to paper each act of geometry is charged with meaning.  The process of producing the forms, patterns and symbols of Sacred Geometry should be undertaken as a ritual act, where each line, curve, shape, gesture or operation takes on a significance far beyond the mere act itself, and reveals fundamental processes of creativity on a vast scale and range of phenomenon, from the geometry of atomic and molecular organization, through the forms and patterns of biological systems, to the scale of the cosmos itself and the very structure of Space and Time.  Indeed, the emergence of the Universe from the unknowable and unfathomable void, before the very existence of Time and Space, was an act of Geometry.  It is nothing less than this ultimate act of Creation which is replicated through the placing of pencil upon paper and from this point the drawing of a line or arc.  From these simple operations, the Geometrician soon learns to generate an infinite variety of form and pattern, and is, thereby, following in the footsteps of Nature herself, such being the indispensable requirement for success on the Hermetic path.

To ancient masters and teachers geometry was seen as the definitive Holy Science from which emerged all other sciences.  Masonic author Carl Lundy affirms this status when he says:

“All science rests upon mathematics, and mathematics is first and last, geometry… Geometry is the ultimate fact we have won out of a puzzling universe.”  

The presumed requirement on the part of Plato, the acknowledged greatest Metaphysician of the Hellenic world, that anyone seeking admission to his academy must be conversant with the principles of Geometry, affirms the importance of this form of mental training to anyone desiring to tread the path to Metaphysical Knowledge.



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  1. DrDavidKelly | Nov 18, 2012 at 9:40 pm |

    I used to be interested in geometry. One thing I did find which worked well in my life was the eneagram(?). Well to clarify – I found the rule of 3 most interesting. I started to divide up my projects (mostly musical at the time) into 3 parts. 1. The idea 2. The execution of the idea and 3. The external factor – It’s the thing that keeps everything going – in a music sense it was gigs or paid studio time. It was what allowed the 4 … so to speak. There are some great examples of how the 9 steps can be employed. Like the Terminator script – it has nine linked movements. But math was never accurate enough to predict my life. A friend of mine wrote some brilliant stuff on mathmatics and art here:

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