The Top Secret Deal Between The US and 10 Other Countries

  • rtb61

    Under the Trans Pacific Partnership every multi-national corporation becomes a foreign corporation by the simple expedient of using am off shore headquarters to launch the tribunal action to shut down regulations that affect profits in any way.
    Basically corporations will be declaring a greed based war upon humanity.

  • Apathesis

    We just live here. We don’t run shit. Maybe if all the moneyed elites relaxed, smoked a joint and listened to some Com Truise, the world might turn around.

    Greed really is a pathetic vice to have.

  • Daniel Webster

    “Among the U.S. and Ten Other Countries”.

  • Your mother

    Can I get a transcript? I’m interested to know the talking points, but would rather not look at homeboy’s mug.

    • Yer Dad

      It’s his stupid face that always stops me
      from watching his videos.

    • Calypso_1

      You could put a bag over your head.