• InfvoCuernos

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

  • calixx

    Geeze thanks disinfo. Show trans people as shemale prostitutes. I like disinfo but FUCK THIS VIDEO. This video might make sense in the 90s but we’ve moved on. Trans people are your neighbors, classmates and coworkers –not sex workers.It’s very wrong to fetishize someone for a single body part –and worse a bodypart they wish to get rid of correct. There is NO EXCUSE for this shit video in the year 2012 which perpetuates old and dying stereotypes.

    • XH

      I love Disinfo and the series but I’ve always thought that particular entry shallow and stereotypical even when this first became available. Well done, nice comment.

    • Bruteloop

      That’s the only way the hetero hegemony can accept transexuals. Like the idea that all gay men are camp.

      Cartoons are less threatening.

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