This Toaster Possessed

“Well, Richard, when it’s all said and done, it makes pretty good toast.”

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  • Simiantongue

    This is more common than I thought. I have a juicer that’s possessed by Kanaloa.

    Okay honestly, the juicer whispers that it’s Billy Mays. That’s kind of kitsch and doesn’t make for interesting conversations at parties. So Kanaloa says I.

    • I_abide

      Have you tried using oxi-clean to purge the spirit… Billy told me it gets everything out.

  • AK

    If this is a joke, it’s funny. If not, it’s hilarious.

  • InfvoCuernos

    “Satan Rulez” in toast. I don’t know about proof of god, but that’s proof enough of the Devil for me!

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