What it’s Like to Fly Through a Nuclear Bomb

Picture: US DOE (PD)

BoingBoing shares this story from the BBC about Joe Pasquini, a RAF pilot ordered to fly through a nuclear mushroom cloud. Pasquini has suffered numerous bouts of cancer and other health problems, as have his children, with no benefits from the British government.

Here’s a partial description of what Pasquini saw:

“It detonated at 8,000 feet. We had our eyes closed, but even with our eyes closed we could see the light through our eye lids. It took 49 seconds for the light to stop.

“As soon as that happened, we immediately turned back. Fortunately being in the navigating position, I had a little window and I watched the whole thing develop and spread and then start climbing.

“I think I saw the face of God for the first time. It was just incredible, it blew our minds away. These were things that had never been seen before, certainly not by English people.”

There’s plenty more to Pasquini’s tragic tale. Keep reading.

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  1. Sad, but people are such sheep. He should have said “orders? Fuck your orders, fuck you and your mother’s lice-infested cunt.”

    I’ll take the brig. Fuck the queen and the country.

  2. Really cool story, but sad ending..

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