Who Reigns Supreme?

I’ve been listening to more music recently than I have reading new things, and even though I first heard this track a few years ago, it’s one I find myself often revisiting… cautiously. As time has passed, I have found with each listen it’s relevancy has increased, and it begs some uncomfortable and rarely asked questions.

Delivered with elegance and poignancy, this is  Recoil’s “Supreme”.

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  1. This is what people refer to as art, correct?

    I’m having trouble understanding humans..

  2. Matt Staggs | Nov 14, 2012 at 11:32 am |


  3. Everyone please checkout the band Pinback on youtube. It is complete musical expression and is so neutral yet encouraging regarding the human condition. I would describe their music as being very intelligent while being presented in a friendly way. Best songs off the top of my head are Penelope, Glide, BBTone, Offline Pk, Sherman, Diminished, True North, His Phase, Good to Sea, Devil You Know…and all of them. Please let the geeks of the disinfo be inspired by this band. PS they are on tour. Saw them in philly last week…was inspirational to say the least. Message in a bottle.

  4. Sweet groove. I was expecting something wanky… Mind you, I wasn’t listening to the lyrical content.

    • I found the music provided a subtle programmatic architecture for the lyrics. However I have some pretty wild synaesthesia so it’s always a little startling when I encounter others who don’t see it that way lol.

      • Ha, this song must be quite the experience for you. Great song though (after listening to it properly). I might have to check other tracks by this group.

        • Recoil has quite a diverse discography, quite a few different guest poets and singers. You said you were expecting something wanky… was that from the way it was introduced?

          • The introduction wasn’t wanky at all, I thought it was humble with a taste of what the poster was thinking when they put the article up. As someone who plays and writes music, and does a fair amount of painting, drawing and sculpting, I tend to find “art” wanky untill my own subjective opinion agrees with it… However vain and pathetic that is.

  5. Dalek Sec | Nov 15, 2012 at 2:57 pm |


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