All Charges Dropped Against British ‘UFO Hacker’ Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon can now be referred to as “the man who hacked NASA and the Pentagon and got away with it all.” Via the Daily Mail:

Gary McKinnon’s ten-year nightmare was finally over yesterday after police and prosecutors decided he will not stand trial in Britain. The computer hacker won his fight against extradition two months ago when Theresa May blocked US demands to send him there. Now Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer has announced that the 46-year-old Asperger’s sufferer will not face criminal charges in this country either.

His mother Janis Sharp said: ‘This will be the 11th Christmas since his arrest and it is the first time we can celebrate. If extradited, Mr McKinnon, from Wood Green, North London, faced up to 60 years behind bars for hacking into Pentagon and NASA computers looking for the existence of ‘little green men’.

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  1. That guy really looks British. I wonder what it is? He looks like only words with a British accent could come out of his mouth.

    I mean in some sense he is just a regular looking white dude, but for some reason I can’t put my finger on he is unmistakenly British. Just like Richard Branson

  2. Jack Whiskey | Dec 21, 2012 at 10:09 am |

    So its ok to break into government computers? This is a travesty!

    • He didn’t actually have to break in. The Pentagon somehow forgot to password protect their servers. Which would have all come out, had he been extradited to a US Court, and been a bit embarrassing for your Defence Department to have to admit to. Also (while I’m here) it’s completely unacceptable for a UK Citizen to be subject to the Laws of the USA, especially since he’d never even been there. If our own Laws can find nothing to charge him under, then we sure as Hell shouldn’t be handing him over to you lot.

  3. How about giving the poor bloke some recompense for the disproportionate length of time it took to decide he had no charges to answer. Over ten years on bail, facing the threat of extradition for what turns out to be a case of “no charges to answer” is excessive and a criminal abuse of power by the Courts, just so this man could be used as a political football. To be exonerated after a reasonable period of due process on bail, is one thing, but to be kept without charge, for over ten years, under judicial provisos has to be redressed.

  4. Whoa. He really reminds me of Spock.

  5. That guy is a Vulcan…

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