Are Aliens Communicating With Us Via The Stars?

TIME on the possibility that we are oblivious to extraterrestrial messages shining right down onto us:

Lucianne Walkowicz wants to conduct a search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), not by doing anything so conventional as listening for radio transmissions or watching for flashes of laser light. Instead, she wants to see if ET’s are somehow manipulating the light coming from their stars so that they wink at us.

“Our premise,” she says, “is that up until now, we’ve had a preconceived idea of what a SETI signal would look like.” It would basically be the sort of signal we know how to create, since searching for a signal from some entirely unknown technology would be difficult.

If aliens were so advanced that they could cause their star to appear to flicker, however, it wouldn’t matter how they did it, and it would be easy enough to see with existing technology. In fact, says Walkowicz, “our premise was, ‘what if we’ve already detected a signal but missed it because of our preconceptions.’”

So she and her co-investigators proposed to look through a potential trove of signals: the archives from the Kepler mission, which has been scanning space since 2009 for stars that are winking because of orbiting planets passing in front of them. What Walkowicz and company will do is use software algorithms to look for unusual patterns of variability.

8 Comments on "Are Aliens Communicating With Us Via The Stars?"

  1. No. They are not.

  2. This is how they’re communicating with us.

  3. BuzzCoastin | Dec 4, 2012 at 7:26 pm |

    if there are advanced alien civilizations
    why would they be trying to communicate with humans?
    they need pets?
    humans are tasty with fava beans and a good chianti?

    given the way humans tend to treat other “alien” humans
    or less “advanced” animals
    I don’t think I want to be on the receiving end of communication from advanced civilizations

  4. Daniel Reasor | Dec 5, 2012 at 8:20 am |

    Wouldn’t tampering with the fusion reaction of a star’s heart be more hassle than building a radio? Wouldn’t the signal still be made worthless as a form of two-way communication by the distances between stars?

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