Artist Creates Roach Controlled by Twitter

Cockroaches are among the very few lifeforms for which I have no sympathy, but I’m wondering if PETA will feel the same…


…artist Brittany Ransom created Twitter Roach — a discoid cockroach that can be controlled through tweets that it receives on the popular microblogging service.

As it turns out, humans can actually control cockroaches with a device called RoboRoach — a tiny electronic backpack that attaches to a cockroach and stimulates the bug’s antenna nerves, enabling the controller to turn the insect left or right with the press of a button.

Ransom built upon the Roboroach concept and added some Arduino hardware and custom-programmed software to link the bug to Twitter. While on display at the “Life, in some form” art exhibition by the Chicago Artists Coalition, visitors could send the @TweetRoach account commands such as “#TweetRoachLeft” and #TweetRoachRight.”

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  2. Monkey See Monkey Do | Dec 30, 2012 at 2:17 am |

    Cockroaches just survive and give back to the Eco system, humans destroy and pollute the planet. I wonder who is more worthy of existence?

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