Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura- Season Three, Episode #7 (Season Finale): Brain Invaders

In the Season Finale of Season Three of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Jesse and the crew investigate “a sinister plot that’s spreading across the country, and will soon target you”- the “Brain Invaders” Conspiracy. 

Whether fueled by paranoia or fact (or both), government-run mind control is one of the most popular topics in conspiracy theory culture today.  Alex Jones, David Icke, and many other conspiracy theory figures often talk about the severe mind control techniques already in place, being run by the government, and advancing in efficacy as quickly as the technology that makes them possible.  The backbone of many a conspiracy argument is that we don’t live in reality anymore, we live in a “matrix,” a fabricated reality, and that in order to truly understand the world you need to understand the methods by which your perception of it is shaped.   The mainstream media and its technological tools (internet/social media, TV, movies, etc.), themselves, are often accused of being at the heart of an effort by government and industry to manipulate and control the minds of their citizens/workers/consumers.

Jesse begins his investigation by meeting with Dr. Terry Robertson, a physician who claims to have been seeing a lot of patients lately with the same strange set of symptoms.   “Well, I’ve been collaborating with some other physicians and former D.O.D. scientists that have been looking at citizen complaints, that they may be being subjected to what’s known as psychotronic weapons and bio-communication technologies.  The complaints seem to be increasingI’ve specifically been working with one self-reported group of over a thousand of what are called targeted individuals,” says Robertson.   “Targeted individuals– define that for me.  What is a targeted individual?” asks Jesse.  “This is a moniker that these people have put upon themselves.  They believe they are specifically targeted,” says Robertson.

“Targeted individuals- they’re the ones saying they’re being harassed and tortured by voices in their heads.  The ones who are mocked as the people in tin foil hats,” says Jesse, in voice-over.   Robertson explains that these aren’t just crazy people, but tend to be highly educated, with 50% of them having a college degree, and over 12% have post graduate degrees.  Robertson also explains that not only can individuals be targeted, but also large groups.  “How could they do this to thousands of people at one time?” asks Jesse.  “Well, governor that’s why I came to you- to help find the people that could answer that,” says Robertson.

Jesse collects his investigative team back at headquarters to introduce their new task.   “They call ‘em T.I.’s- targeted individuals,” explains Jesse.  “These are people out there and apparently there’s thousands of them that are getting targeted by sounds waves in some way that’s putting voices in their heads and the symptoms are all the same for all of them- that’s the consistency.  It’s being done to them by someone, some entity.”   Then, team member June Sarpong introduces Jesse to some disturbing footage that might help demonstrate the symptoms these targeted individuals experience.   “Well governor, I looked a little bit more into this.  There was a cluster of incidents where TV presenters were somehow affected by some kind of radio wave.”  The footage is of KPVJ2 news anchor Caroline Crowley, who during a broadcast in 2011 starting speaking gibberish sentences while trying to deliver a live report.   “Well a very, very hea, heavy, uh ber, bertation tonight, we have a der, derision, right, let’s hit Tara for the pit, they have, they have the clothes for the bit.”

“It’s really bizarre, they’re on screen, they’re talking normally, it all seems fine, and then all of a sudden they all break into gibberish, and they’re completely out of control… weird.  There were presenters in America, in Canada, and even Judge Judy!” explains Sarpong.  Then, team member and son of filmmaker Oliver Stone, Sean Stone, chimes in with another possibility.   “Having dealt with people who’ve been possessed, like, I know the feeling of seeing that happen.  I kind of wonder, is it demonic, or is there technology behind it?” he asks.  “No, this looked like technology. I don’t think it was demons,” June says, dismissively.  As the narrator explains, strokes and other physical ailments were ruled out in each case.

“Interesting, Judge Judy’s quote:   ‘My head was definitely pounding, I was very uncomfortable and I knew something wasn’t right.  I was terrified and confused’,” reads Jesse.  Ventura apparently was quoting an article from the Daily Mail UK from April 1, 2011, that covered the Judge Judy incident along with other TV gibberish cases.  However, in the article that specific quote was attributed to Serene Branson, a Los Angeles-based reporter for CBS who had a gibberish attack during a broadcast at the 2011 Grammy Awards.    “Look, this guy I talked to said he deals with thousands of them.  Let’s find out- what’s the common denominator here?” says Jesse.

June Sarpong heads to Philadelphia to speak with Harland Girard, described by the narrator as a “prominent real estate developer” and someone who considers themselves a targeted individual.  “How do you know you are a targeted individual?” asks June.   “How do I know?  I’m in agony.  It’s continuous.  It’s psychological torture,” explains Girard.  Girard claims he’s been targeted because of a remark he made years ago to a Republican operative regarding the presidential candidacy of George H.W. Bush.    “I said, “Well, If I can’t support a Reagan presidency I certainly can’t support moving the head of the CIA into the White House’,” says Girard.   “All of a sudden, I started to hear voices and it just moved from there.  Every year they crank it up.”

Now June has to ask the question that’s begging to be asked.  “So Harland, you’re hearing these voices, something’s going on, how did you know you weren’t going crazy, without being rude?”  “It’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t have the experience,” Girard says.  “Do you have the confidence in yourself to say, ‘I’m not crazy, this is really happening to me, and I’m not imagining something.’  I’ve learned humility from being knocked down ten thousand times.”   June points out that three decades is a long time to be harassed by someone, and asks Girard if he thinks he’s part of something bigger.   “We all are.  We’re victim of a government program that has no respect, whatsoever, for human life.”

Harland Girard says he knew he wasn’t crazy so he quit his job to investigate the source of the phenomenon.   Girard put an ad in the newspaper, and found more people just like him who had rubbed a public official or political insider the wrong way, and wound up being harassed by voices in their heads.  “Those people are going through exactly what I had been put through,” says Girard.  Girard went to Washington and found documents proving that government researchers experimented with mind control, and their tools included microwaves.

Girard explains that the technology “modulated a microwave beam as if it were a sound wave.”  When June asks if he hears voices, Girard explains that it’s actually a process called synthetic telepathy, which has been patented by the United States Air Force.  And, according to the narrator, records show the patent was based on years of experiments- on humans.   “You know, they’re still talking, still following me around, still commenting.  This started when I was 48.  I’m 75 now, I would very much like to see it resolved before I die,” says Girard

Meanwhile, Tyrel Ventura, Jesse’s son, and Sean Stone arrive at a nondescript warehouse in San Diego, CA, to meet with Sebastian Soberanes, described as an “EMF protection expert,” who runs a business that sells protection from electric and magnetic field radiation.  “EMF is a radiation, that you don’t see, obviously, but it radiates form anything that has power to it, whether it by AC, DC, whatever it is,” says Soberanes.   “Lately, what I have been getting are a lot more calls from people who think they’re being targeted by the government.  I get them from every walk of life, I have people who write books, who think that maybe because of their book writing they’re being targeted, and they’re calling me,  so, I’m talking to smart people, who have degrees, that kind of stuff.”

Soberanes sells meters to measure electromagnetic radiation in the air and materials to block it from going into your body or head.  “By putting a conductive material between you and another material you’re gonna to block that admission of the actual EMF.  We have everything- from detergent for your clothing, all the way to paint on the wall, rubber latex paint that you can rub on there that actually has for the radio frequencies and electrical, that sort of thing,” explains Soberanes, awkwardly.    Then, Tyrel holds up one of the strangest items.  “These are boxer shorts,” says Tyrel.  Soberanes then shows them an RF shielded cap to block radio frequencies.  “So, essentially that is the tin foil hat.”   “That is the proverbial tin foil cap,” says Soberanes.

Next, Sean Stone meets with Ken Baker, a former police officer and possible targeted individual.  “I was kind of forced into retirement” says Baker.  “I was a police officer for 14 years.  The phenomenon has happened after my retirement with the police department.  I started hearing voices, umm, in my head, and I thought they were my own thoughts at first, but then I started listening, and I said, ‘these are phrases and words I don’t use’.”   Sean asks if they were command phrases.  “Calling me names, putting me down, in order to cause a reaction, I guess.  And I don’t allow that to happen,” says Baker.   “So, currently do you hear it?” asks Sean.  “No, not right now as we speak,” says Baker.  “But during the course of the day?” asks Sean.   “It’s what they call, its’ umm, well there’s, oh gosh… can we cut for a second?  I’m sorry.”  It seems Baker is experiencing the symptoms right then and there.   “Are you getting interference now?” asks Sean.  “Yeah,” says Baker.

Baker, like Girard, has spent years hunting for the source of his condition, and believes it can be traced back to the government-run mind control program, MKUltra.   Project MKUltra was a covert program run by the CIA’s Scientific Intelligence Division that operated in one form or another from shortly after WW2 until 1973, when it was reportedly shut down.   MKUltra was first brought to public attention in 1975 by the Church Committee of the U.S. Congress, commissioned by President Gerald Ford to investigate CIA activities within the United States.  However, CIA director Richard Helms had ordered all MKUltra files destroyed in 1973, so the Church Committee investigations relied on the sworn testimony of direct participants and on the relatively small number of documents that survived Helms’ destruction order. In 1977, a FOIA request uncovered 20,000 documents relating to project MKUltra, which led to Senate hearings later that same year. In July of 2001, some surviving information regarding MKUltra was officially declassified.

Records show that 44 universities, 15 research foundations or chemical companies, 12 hospitals or clinics, and 3 prisons participated in MKUltra.  Subjects were experimented on, often unwittingly, using chemical, biological, and radiological means.  Drugs such as LSD and mescaline were used commonly, and various mind-control techniques, many bordering on torture, were developed.  MKUltra continues to be a popular source of inspiration for conspiracy theorists today, some of whom suggest assassins such as Sirhan Sirhan were subjects of a “Manchurian Candidate” type program, and that such techniques are being used in secret programs operating today.

“You’re talking about the MKUltra program.  And, obviously, you’re here in the real world, walking around on a daily basis, how would they be able to track you?” asks Sean.  “I believe it’s microwave energy- directed microwave energy.   I know the military has this technology, because I have a son-in-law who came back from Iraq, and he knew all about the microwave energy, which caused the Iraqis to disassemble their weapons and gave up in the thousands.  We all saw that on TV,” says Baker.  “I feel that criminals have hacked into a military system and are using it against American citizens.”

Meanwhile, June is meeting with her next informant, “The Man in the White Van”,  black-ops veteran David Corso.   Corso claims to know about targeted individuals and the history of mind control programs.   “I’ve met people, Corso.  Are they crazy, or does someone want them to think they’re crazy?” June asks.   “How very astute of you,” says Corso.  “How are they doing this, Corso?  Who’s behind it?” asks June.  Corso explains that, like Baker, he believes it’s a continuation of the MKUltra program.  “They allegedly stopped all this, but it’s continued up ‘til this day,” says Corso.   June mentions that they’ve heard there’s a rogue element, and that they’ve tapped into an existing system, and asks how they’re doing it.  Corso replies, mysteriously, “I’ll tell you this- everything old is new again.”

The team reassembles at headquarters to gather the information together and discuss their findings.  Tyrel presents a map of the continental United States tracking reported cases of targeted individuals.  “So, essentially this map shows you every T.I. cluster across the country.  Every one of these purple dots represents a group of targeted individuals.”  Jesse notices a trend.  “They seem to go according to population, California clearly with the most, New York and the Boston area, second.  Now we’ve got to find out what’s connecting all these people, from Maine to California, what’s the common denominator, what’s the connection?”   June mentions Corso’s cryptic comment that “everything old is new again,” and Tyrel thinks he knows what Corso is hinting at.   “Line this up.  All these dots red dots you see are GWEN towers.”  GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) towers were built at the end of the Cold War in the late 1980’s for military communications.   “These GWEN towers are all out of commission, but they all are still standing,” says Tyrel.  “What’s interesting, if you look- all the rods dots, all the GWEN towers, are right now near or close to all the T.I. clusters across the country.”   “So, they could be used?” asks Jesse.  “Hypothetically, yes,” says Tyrel.   “Everything old is new again,” repeats June.  “Now we’ve got a good idea how it might be done,” says Jesse.  “Now we’ve got to answer the next question- who’s doing it and why?”

Jesse and Tyrel leave headquarters and head out into the field to meet some people who think they might be targeted individuals.  “For me, there’s only one place to go next- the closest GWEN tower,” says Jesse, in voice-over.  “And I’m gonna bring some people along, some folks who live nearby-targeted individuals.  Let ‘em see what’s putting voices in their heads.”

Jesse and Tyrel first meet with Lisa Becker, a businesswoman and activist for targeted individuals, like herself. The first place she takes Jesse and Tyrel is to her bedroom.   “I left it unmade so you can see exactly what I go through every night.  After putting on my pajamas, the first things I do is put on these hiking boots that have magnets inside them.  This has helped tremendously to cut down on the burning,” explains Becker.
“After that I’ll put on, I’ll either put on a bath robe or jacket, I will stuff them with these cold packs that I put inside of wool socks, then on goes a lead apron,” continues Becker.   “And you have to do all this just to sleep?” asks Jesse.  “Even in summer.  They light me up like a Christmas tree,” says Becker.   Becker also wears a strange hat to block out the attacks on her mind.   “So, what do you say to someone that says you’re crazy, you’re eccentric, and this is nuts?” asks Jesse.  “I would say that I have managed to hold down a job, sometimes only obtaining two and a half hours of sleep a night,” says Becker.  “This has been going on for me for 10 years, and I’m a survivor, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to live to see these people hang for what they’ve done to me.”

Lisa Becker then introduces Jesse to some of her neighbors, people with the same symptoms, who also may be targeted individuals.  Often they sense a vibration, which then can become painful.   “They will make it feel like there’s a vice on your testicles,” explains possible targeted individual, Paul Tenhaken.   “I think most of us here have been hit in the ear.  Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable and sometimes it’s painful,” says Becker.   Tenhaken adds that their experiences hearing voices in their heads are significantly different than those of schizophrenics.   “Well, what I found strange is that the psychiatrist said that it would sound like its coming from inside your head, but it would almost sound like it was whispering in my ear.  And if I’m in my apartment, or at work, it would be much louder than if I was hunting out in the middle of the woods.”   “Out in the woods, farther from the towers,” observes Jesse, in voice-over.

Jesse is willing to believe these people, but ultimately wants to track down the source of their suffering.  “Let’s back up here.  We’re hearing ‘they’ a lot here.  Who the hell is they?” he asks.   Becker explains that there are only so many groups that have this equipment.   “So when you’re saying ‘they’, we’re talking our government.  Let me ask you this- why you?” says Jesse.   Becker smiles oddly and replies, “It might be because I’ve got the White House on speed dial and I called them on a daily basis to give them directives, as far as policy.”  Debra Poulsen, another neighbor experiencing these negative vibrations, claims that she had contacted local government officials, was told to stop contacting her senators and congressman, and then began experiencing the symptoms.  Paul Tenhaken, a factory worker, believes he became a targeted individual after discussing 9/11 conspiracy theories with his supervisor.  “My supervisor would talk to me about 9/11, and I would say that could have very easily be an inside job,” says Tenhaken.

Jesse explains to the neighbors that he’s going to go check out a local GWEN tower, and invites them to go.  All three agree, and head out with Jesse and Tyrel to the tower.  “So, do any of you feel anything different? Anything in your bodies?  Anything tell you that it’s ramping up in any way?” asks Jesse.  “When we first approached that equipment right there, there was a very powerful surge in my right hand,” says Becker.    “I’m seeing little black floaters,” says Paul Tenhaken.    “In my right foot, they’ve been burning my toes,” says Debra Poulsen.    The feelings begin to get more intense for Tehnhaken.  “I’m getting something up my leg now.  Feels like electricity coming out of the ground and up to my genitals,” he says.   “This is not our imagination,” says Poulsen.  “You can’t imagine electric shock going through your body.”

Then, while filming, Jesse’s crew starts experiencing some strange technical difficulties.  “You said you’re getting a lot of RF hits?” asks Tyrel.  “There’s some kind of frequency interfering with us,” a crew member explains.  “So, there is a frequency interfering with our audio?” asks Tyrel.   “Yeah,” he says the crew member.   “Welcome to our world,” says Becker.    “Well, this is obviously, like they say, a person of interest, what we’ve got here is an object of interest,” says Jesse.

Jesse returns to headquarters to meet with his advisor, Braverman, who has a lead on who might be able to tell them more about brain invading technologies.  “I found a guy we’ve got to talk to.  Mark Phillips,” says Braverman.  “He’s got all the answers to this?” asks Jesse.  “He’s gonna lead us to the guy who does- the big kahuna,” says Braverman.

Mark Phillips is described by the narrator as “a former CIA operative, he worked with the infamous MKUltra mind control program.  Now he stepped forward to fill in the blanks.”  “So, when MKUltra came to the forefront and it became public knowledge, the government said they canned the program, it was gotten rid of, and you’re chuckling over that, is that untrue?  Did they get rid of the mind control program?  Or did they just rename it and take it somewhere else?” asks Jesse.   “They just simply moved it from one agency to another,” explains Phillips.  “As it became more privatized, going into technologies at that time, they had a procedure where they actually put a transmitter/receiver in your sinus cavity, and it was hardwired into your brain.”   “What would they use today in substitution for that?” ask Jesse.  “Microwaves,” responds Phillips.  “So, they actually send things through the airwaves?  They can target one individual with this? They have the ability to do that?” asks a worried Jesse.  “Well, yes and they also have the ability to do mass populations,” says Phillips.  “There’s a variety of answers, and all of them go back to the same thing- electromagnetic pulse.”   The narrator explains that electromagnetic pulses, streamed from a microwave tower, can mimic human brain waves, create anxiety and pain in people, and create human speech inside their heads.

“Mark, I had a chance to visit and take a first hand look at these things called GWEN towers, and you know they look normal, they have telephone things on them, relay for cell phones and all that stuff, what do you know about these GWEN towers?”   “The best kept secret is the one right in plain sight,” says Phillips.  Jesse asks Phillips if he believes they’re obsolete now and not used for anything, as the government says.   Phillips explains that the U.S. government has leased out or sold the bottom portions of GWEN’s for cell phones and for repeater towers, but they retain the top of the towers for themselves.  “That does explain it.  All the phone equipment is just a big distraction from tops of the GWEN towers- the section the government is controlling.  Now it gets down to why,” says Jesse, in voice-over.

“So, obviously they’re still using these GWEN towers for some purpose?” asks Jesse.     “Instead of using it to protect us, it’s used to control us,” says Phillips.  Jesse asks what would be the government’s purpose in doing this, and Phillips responds, “absolute control.”  Phillips believes that it isn’t some rogue element or band of criminal hackers doing this, but elements of our own government.   “So, they would look at using this technology against the Wall Street protesters?” asks Jesse.   “They’ve already done that,” says Phillips.   “I want to find these bastards,” says Jesse.  “Where do I go?  Who’s the big kahuna on this deal?”   Phillips points to a man named Robert Duncan.  “This fellow, Dr. Robert Duncan, has worked with the government, strictly on the technical end, he’s out of Harvard, I think if you were to address him personally, I think he’d open up and tell you what he knows.”   “Yeah, I’ll get him to open up,” says Jesse, in voice-over.

Jesse concludes his investigation by meeting with the man Mark Phillips says can explain it all, Dr. Robert Duncan.  Duncan is described by the narrator as “the architect, the mastermind” of the brain invaders.   Duncan, educated at Harvard and MIT, went to the CIA and claims he created a lot of the technology that makes it possible for the government to get inside people’s heads.  He also claims that he no longer works for the CIA, and wants to spread the truth about mind control technology.   “Dr. Robert Duncan… first question for you-  what’s negative about what’ve you’ve done?” asks Jesse.   “Uhh,” laughs Duncan, “I’ve empowered the dark side by some of my work.  Technology is neutral.  It can be used for good or evil.  I’ve worked on projects for the CIA, Justice Department, Department of Defense.”   Jesse asks what he did for the CIA and where he worked, but Duncan says he can’t tell Jesse because it’s “sensitive information”.

“Is this the stuff, voices in the head and things like that?” asks Jesse.    “Yes,” says Duncan.  Jesse tells Duncan about the people he has met with who believe they are targeted individuals, and points out how normal they seemed when he met them.   “Are these people crazy or is the government doing this to them?” ask Jesse.   “The government is doing this to them,” says Duncan.  “They’re called ‘voice of god’ weapons.”   

“So, you know for a fact that these weapons that you worked on are being using domestically today?” asks Jesse.  “Absolutely,” says Duncan.    “You have to remember, the CIA has a long history of experimenting on our citizens.”   “Sure,” says Jesse.  “We’re talking here going back to MKUltra and all that in the 60s’ and 70’s, but we were told all that stopped.  Is that untrue?”  “Untrue,” says Duncan.  “These programs continue under new names, new budgets- it’s the ultimate weapon.”  Duncan says that “abuse” is a light word for what these targeted individuals are experiencing.  The experience is closer to being tortured.

“Okay, Doctor, to deliver this, how do they get into your head?  Now, I’ve heard of these GWEN towers, they’re allegedly were used before and now they claim that they’re not used for anything?” asks Jesse.  “They do match up with the properties and necessary capabilities.  They could easily be broadcasting across the country, sending messages to people, and causing them extreme pain.  That’s part of the whole world domination strategy:  control the population from subconsciously to consciously,” says Duncan.

Jesse asks Duncan who is in control of this mind control program, and Duncan replies that it isn’t the elected politicians, but people in the governmental bureaucracy, hiding in “the dark crevasses of our government.”  “I was naïve,” explains Duncan.  “I did not know how the technologies were going to be put together and the ultimate weapon created.”   Jesse asks again, and Duncan confirms that he is no longer under the employ of the CIA or any other governmental instituion, and that he’s out to expose what’s been going on with mind control technology.   “You fear for your life?” Jesse asks.  Duncan says, “no,” that he doesn’t fear death.

Jesse asks Duncan what can be done about the brain invaders, and Duncan expresses his belief that it’s too late to do anything about it.  “So, what you’re telling me, every one of us should be in fear of this, because every one of us at some point will be targeted?” asks Jesse.  “The technology’s advanced that far,” says Duncan.

At the end of his final investigation for Season Three of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Jesse seems to be convinced that the brain invaders are a serious problem.  “They’re not crazy.  Remember that.  These people who hear voices in their heads, who say they’re being harassed by the government, a lot of them aren’t crazy.  We heard it from the source- the man who went from Harvard to the CIA and helped develop the technology.  He claims he’s not working for them anymore, but he says the conspiracy lives on, and he says there’s no way to stop it.  Well, I don’t buy that.  We’ve shined a light on these rats.  And now that we did, remember- you’ve got a voice too.  We all do.  And they can be the loudest of all.  I’m Jesse Ventura, and this is Conspiracy Theory.”  Tune in next week (or so) for an in-depth season review/overview for Season Three of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, entitled  “My Season with Jesse.”


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  1. This is really the main conspiracy most should be aware of:

    La Grand Illusion

    The Divine Right

    The Singular Cause of the Rise and Fall of Empires


    There is but one cause, one reason for the endless strife, never-ending wars, religious turmoil and troubles, the historic battles between the religionists and the monarchies, the royalty and the people, the religionists and the bankers, the bankers and the royals and today, the bankers and the people.

    The sole reason, the singular cause is the “divine right” to create money. It is truly that simple, although it exists as an abstraction difficult for most of us to grasp since we’ve been indoctrinated from birth to think and believe otherwise, to be confused and bewildered beyond belief!

    This isn’t unique to America, but exists across many societies and many cultures.

    That group which has seized that divine right of money creation: historically the kings, sultans and monarchs, the religious rulers, etc., and today the private bankers, enjoy special and endless wealth and power, for they declare themselves the recipients of free wealth from the rest of us!

    They create the money or currency from nothing, by fiat as it were, and then receive wealth in the form of interest paid on that miraculously created money.

    To increase their wealth, there must be ever greater debt created, for with more debt comes ever more interest payments — hence the growth of empires!

    These empires grow until overextended, of course, since phantom wealth creation — and extraction (bleeding the masses dry) — is their goal, and with overextending comes the predictable collapse of those empires, and all empires eventually collapse.

    These obvious truths must forever be obscured and hidden: our so-called news cycles are filled with the same mindless and nonsensical drivel of constantly repeated memes: Mayan end of the world, and news on entertainment — gun control after the most recent mass murder, and news on entertainment — this fiscal cliff and that fiscal cliff, and news on entertainment.

    There is no fiscal cliff, of course, just as there is a derivatives canyon — the money lenders, or more accurately the money masters, have packaged that debt and sold it, then repackaged the debt from that and sold it, then repackaged the debt from that and resold it . . . . . (And that’s why we are experiencing the Great Deleveraging: the central banks have been buying up those worthless derivatives — their own banks created — further enriching the uber-rich while further starving the rest of us.)

    Aren’t you the least bit suspicious when the spokesperson for the US State Department under a supposedly democratic administration, Victoria Nuland, is the wife of one of the founders of that most ultra-conservative of former rightwing groups, PNAC — or the Project for a New American Century (Dick Cheney & Company)?

    And that the supposedly democratic president, Barack Obama, has professed admiration for her husband’s writing?

    If you aren’t the least bit interested or suspicious or wary, it simply indicates how well you’ve been indoctrinated.

    It’s all staged, to keep us confused and bewildered!

    Suggested links for further enlightenment:

  2. I honestly feel that sometimes it’s best not to know about some things.

  3. I actually work with radio technology for a living, and there isn’t anything in this article that I find to be exaggerated. I’ve tested transmitters capable of burning holes in things, to setting salt water on fire. With computer technology, it wouldn’t be difficult for an organization with unlimited resources to map out the human brain and deconstruct all of the frequencies. Once the brain’s frequency is mapped, broadcasting frequencies that can target every spectrum in your mind is possible. Most of this technology is already public theory, though they claim it isn’t commercialized yet. If you could simulate the exact range of frequencies of a person’s brain you could not only make them hear voices, you could turn them into a puppet, (like the new anchor speaking gibberish). If this technology was used for good, we could probably all be telepathic at this point.

    Whether it’s really happening or not, it’s an fascinating idea.

  4. disqus_9dhfQCZnVr | Dec 24, 2012 at 11:15 pm |

    This is real. As a victim for decades and having researched and corresponded with many TIs around the world, the stigma of being a tin foil cap wearer has to be removed to see the real research about this underneath. It has been too easy to dismiss this as conspiracy theory and now we have to call upon intelligent citizens to look at the facts: technology has moved forward along with company secrets that have gone far beyond what the public is told in the mainstream media. I have collected some links here that should be enlightening:

  5. i still think it all sounds analogous to schizophrenic beliefs. when i was taking hallucinogens a couple times i had delusions of cia “thought broadcasts” and weird dream-like memories of soldiers taking me to some location and brainwashing me, which contains similar memes to “alien abduction” syndrome. Same with Grof’s perinatal matrices.

    There’s something disempowering about spreading paranoia

  6. yingling777 | Mar 1, 2013 at 8:07 pm |

    Black people have the controls. They are ‘borrowing’ it from a white man in the government. What is Al Sharpton up to lately? Of course, most people do not want to believe what I am saying, probably because their minds are controlled.

  7. yingling777 | Mar 1, 2013 at 8:07 pm |

    Black people have the controls. They are ‘borrowing’ it from a white man in the government. What is Al Sharpton up to lately? Of course, most people do not want to believe what I am saying, probably because their minds are controlled.

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