Convenience Store Staff Boots Ambulance Responding to Medical Emergency

Here’s one for the Dick Move Hall of Fame:

  • “Big” Richard Johnson

    I’m at a complete loss as to what to say about this. I’m actually somewhat angry.

  • SoruhFrake

    …seriously..what the fuck

  • Kevin Leonard

    Establishment trains people to be mindless obedient workers, establishment gets mindless obedient workers.

  • BuzzCoastin

    well that was a fun filled giggle fest for the minimum wage employees at the Quicky

    • “Big” Richard Johnson

      Until they got fired at least.

  • pooper

    I love it when New Orleans gets national press!

  • Hadrian999

    I don’t normally approve of police brutality but that guy needs his ass kicked for that, someone could have died because of this bullshit

  • John H Nance

    In Georgia who ever put that boot on would get a felony obstruction charge. It carries the same weight as obstruction of a police officer.