Cop Tells Photographer He Needs Permit to Film, Then Smashes Camera

A man attending a Norfolk, VA street march turns his camera on police officers filming participants. The results, sadly, are predictable.

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  1. Until a judge orders an offending police officer to pay a very high judgment personally and refuses to allow the department, insurance or a police union to pay the judgment for him, this will continue. This is a new thing by police. When I was a police officer we protected citizen rights but this generation of cops are more interested in obstruction of justice to prevent their own misconduct from being discovered. The courts should be outraged.

    • I was with you right up until “This is a new thing by police”.

      This sort of shit has ALWAYS been the job of police.

      You just remember it differently because it was your buddies you saw doing that same shit and you always had a charitable interpretation of their actions in mind.

  2. I Like Click Farming Titles | Dec 29, 2012 at 4:33 am |

    I didn’t see the camera get “smashed.”

  3. Point blank case. I hope he sues he was entirely within his rights and the officers were aggressive, disrespectful and antagonizing. They created the scene he did nothing wrong. I hope this ends up on

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