Desperate Letter Describing Chinese Forced Labor Camp Found Inside Halloween Decorations Kit

Imagine if we understood where everything we have came from. Via Oregonian:

The letter came in a box of Halloween decorations purchased at Kmart, a $29.99 graveyard kit. On a Sunday afternoon in October, Julia Keith intended to decorate her home for her daughter’s fifth birthday, days before Halloween. She ripped open the box and threw aside the cellophane. That’s when Keith found it. Scribbled onto paper and folded into eighths, the letter was tucked between two Styrofoam headstones.

“Sir: If you occasionally buy this product, please kindly resend this letter to the World Human Right Organization. Thousands people here who are under the persicution of the Chinese Communist Party Government will thank and remember you forever.”

“People who work here have to work 15 hours a day without Saturday, Sunday break and any holidays. Otherwise, they will suffer torturement, beat and rude remark. Nearly no payment (10 yuan/1 month).”

“People who work here, suffer punishment 1-3 years averagely, but without Court Sentence (unlaw punishment). Many of them are Falun Gong practitioners, who are totally innocent people only because they have different believe to CCPG. They often suffer more punishment than others.”

If truly created in a forced labor camp, the Halloween graveyard kit from Kmart’s “Totally Ghoul” product line could bring a blow to the U.S. chain of discount stores. Title 19, section 1307 of U.S. Code generally prohibits the importation of all items “mined, produced or manufactured” in any foreign country by convict labor, forced labor and/or indentured labor.

Julie Keith now checks the label of everything she buys, down to the Gingerbread house she purchased for the holidays. Her friends, she said, do the same. “If I really don’t need it, I won’t buy it if it’s made in China,” she said. “This has really made me more aware. I hope it would make a difference.”

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  1. I probably would have written a dick in that letter.

  2. How US prison labour pads corporate profits at taxpayers’ expense –

    • BuzzCoastin | Dec 28, 2012 at 11:23 pm |

      there’s not much Americans can do about anything in China
      which is why the US press focuses on it
      because there’s not much anyone can do about the same thing happening in the US

      Estimate of annual value of US prison and jail industrial output: $2 billion

      Number of prisoner workers in UNICOR, the federal prison industries: 22,560
      Minimum UNICOR wage, in dollars per hour: $0.23
      Maximum UNICOR wage, in dollars per hour: $1.15

      Pay for non-UNICOR federal prisoners working in prison maintenance: $0.12-$0.40 per hour
      Number of prisons where UNICOR makes office furniture: 18
      Number of prisons where UNICOR makes clothing and textiles: 22

      UNICOR 2001 sales: $583.5 million
      UNICOR purchases in 2001 by the Department of Defense: $388 million
      UNICOR purchases in 2001 by the U.S. Postal Service: $21 million

  3. BuzzCoastin | Dec 28, 2012 at 9:06 pm |

    the letter:
    I have read a shit load of Chingglish while living in China
    (Chingglish is English written by Chinese English speakers)
    and this letter was NOT written by an uneducated peasant in a factory in Bumchuck China
    the English grammar and spelling are almost perfect
    and there’s no Chinese grammar or sentence structure used in the English writing
    but not a bad psyop, since most ‘Merkins haven’t a clue about China, Chinese
    or the rest of world outside their FEMA Camp

    • Cpt Oblivious | Dec 30, 2012 at 12:03 am |

      Holy third world suffering, Detective Coastin, I think you cracked the case! Let’s all go back to pretending that the world is a shiny, happy, just place because one unqualified asshole called the letter fake in an internet comments section!

      • BuzzCoastin | Dec 30, 2012 at 8:37 am |

        eye can see yer not called Cpt Oblivious for nuttin’
        interesting self-appellation
        or was that sobriquet bestowed upon you by yer fans

  4. InfvoCuernos | Dec 28, 2012 at 9:57 pm |

    Is anybody surprised? The real crime is not the Kmart Halloween decorations but the iphones and other things that most Americans “must” have. I would suspect the purchaser, Julie Kieth, of being the writer of this particular note. Her statement that she is more aware of her purchases now seems highly disingenuous.

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