Detroit: Cubes of Human Flesh Found in Sewer Trigger Serial Killer Fears

Picture: Bastique (CC)

“Cubes” of human flesh floating about in the sewer trigger about a thousand fears, and a possible serial killer is just one of them. (“We all float down here, Georgie.”)

Via New York Daily News:

Fears of a serial killer on the loose in Michigan mounted after cops found cubes of human flesh in a drain pipe that bear disturbing similarities to remains discovered in another pipe last August.

A sanitation crew first spotted the 4-inch-by-4-inch pieces of “skin and fat and little bit of muscle tissue” in a sewer pipe outside Detroit, in Warren, Mich., police told ABC News.

The two cubes of flesh appear to closely match those discovered earlier this year, which were found about 5 miles away in a sewer in Sterling Heights.

Police said that those chunks, 10 in total, which bore an intricate tattoo, belonged to a white woman with a large build, CBS News reported.

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5 Comments on "Detroit: Cubes of Human Flesh Found in Sewer Trigger Serial Killer Fears"

  1. Tuna Ghost | Dec 27, 2012 at 10:12 am |

    Hmmm. One the one hand Detroit is the perfect city for a serial killer who doesn’t really mind that no one pays attention to his crimes, but I think it’s more likely that this is just a dealer’s way of punishing people.

    • I think perhaps a punishment killing would be more “open” less hidden than this? It dosn’t realy deter others if you hide the punishment?

      • Tuna Ghost | Dec 27, 2012 at 3:10 pm |

        Theoretically, you’d only need one or two cubes to make one’s point, but obtaining only one or two cubes would likely be much more difficult than just turning a body into many cubes.

  2. lazy_friend | Dec 27, 2012 at 5:19 pm |


  3. Bet it is someone’s elderly relative , why bury them ? Slice n dice and keep the retirement checks coming.

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