Dr. Barry Taff on Psi and Psychosis

Barry Taff writes about encountering the mentally ill in parapsychology research:

There is one thing I feel absolutely secure in saying after spending the last forty-four years of my life conducting parapsychological research; that the paranormal attracts more emotionally disturbed people than any other area of human interest or endeavor.  The chronic encounters with such psychotic people never seems to end.  The question is why?

Men or women, tall or short, thin or fat, rich or poor, educated or ignorant, beautiful or ugly, they appear to be everywhere,  and growing in numbers.  Perhaps many such troubled individuals enter this field with the hope of resolving their own emotional demons?  Perhaps others are seeking the greater truth that underlies our presence and reality?  And yet perhaps others, enter it because it requires absolutely no formal education whatsoever to explore, unlike any other discipline of science?

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  1. “In the late 1990′s, I was online and found a blog she posted regarding our meeting at the MUFON group. She stated that she instantly knew upon meeting me that I was sneaky and underhanded and could not be trusted. That I instantly hypnotized her and gained control of her mind. According to her I went home and used psychotronic weapons in my basement to direct demonic entities to attack and rape her as she walked around during the course of her daily life.”


    I find it odd that during the burning times, many were persecuted and murdered because they were mentally ill. The church saw demons, witches, etc… when in reality they just needed help. Now today we have the devil, God, and the paranormal to blame instead of taking accountability. I guess one should never underestimate the strive for having or appearing to have control.

    I met a person that believed that the government is planning on using chem trails to project images in the sky.That a sword wielding, alien fish-humanoid, assassin visited a friend of hers; And many other out there fearful narratives that are par for the course in certain circles . The saddest part is that her teenage son was also privy to these things and appeared to believe the same. I also know a person that denies dinosaurs ever existed. He also believes that the BP oil spill is the fault of environmentalists because if “they didn’t meddle with things, the oil companies could drill in safer places”.

    Not to say I am without my eccentric ways, however whenever such odditties crop up, I simply observe them. Most likely it’s my powerful imagination at play with the archetypes and images I have filled my mind up with over the years of study in the occult. I do not act on them, nor do I give such too much attention. Most likely I’ll laugh, acknowledge such as not real.

    Thanks for sharing. It’s an interesting but sadly sobering read.

  2. Could there be a positive correlation between emotional disturbance and paranormal abilities? Alternately, could use of paranormal abilities result in emotional disturbance? I’ve seen warnings in occult literature that would suggest this. Of course, the alternatives I mention aren’t necessarily contradictory.

    • David Howe | Dec 23, 2012 at 11:40 am |

      I think the more likely explanation is that emotionally disturbed people often have a sense of either special insights or epic victimization. It’s certainly a sad correlation, but I wouldn’t read it as proof of paranormal abilities.

      • Why “more likely”? Got cites to studies, or enough personal experience with people involved with paranormal / occult activities to be able to assign probabilities based on personal observation?

        • David Howe | Dec 24, 2012 at 7:35 am |

          get yourself to the internets! Of course I’m operating from the position that there is no such thing as a paranormal ability, but the delusion of same.

  3. BuzzCoastin | Dec 23, 2012 at 3:58 am |

    maybe strange people are interested in the paranormal
    they’re not normal
    on the other hand
    ever notice how many many normal people are interested the normal
    kinda explains the whirled today

  4. Did he really have to be so insulting in his analysis? This sort of thing only more deeply entrenches the idea that people experiencing alternative realities are something to be ridiculed and ignored. I was actually pretty horrified by the way he was talking about these people.

    • That was my reaction too. This was some scary messed up stuff, and this guy didn’t seem to be the best equipped himself to deal with them. I found it funny he talks of delusions and psychosis of unacceptable worldviews, yet he still thinks in terms of “humors” with all his chemical imbalance talk.

      He also has this odd idea that the delusions are created by the paranormal perspectives, and doesn’t seem to consider the opposite, that the delusioned are attracted to, and prominently create those perspectives.

  5. He really is a sexist old bugger. I find the way he describes those women really creepy and I’m not that easily creeped out.

  6. Calypso_1 | Dec 23, 2012 at 12:46 pm |

    I was fairly sympathetic until the crack on undisclosed woodland meetings with Bigfoot. – Matt ; )

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