Fox News Is ‘A Wing Of The Republican Party’

Disinfonauts have known this at least since the days of Robert Greenwald’s Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism, but it’s not often that you hear someone say so on Fox News itself! Kudos to Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Ricks.


Majestic is gadfly emeritus.
  • BuzzCoastin

    all Homeland major-media-news organizations
    are members of the Bipartisan Corporate Agenda Party
    I didn’t have to watch Fox or read DisInfo to know that

    • Michael McCann

      The issue is not black and white, as you portray it.

      • BuzzCoastin

        the issue isn’t as muddied as you have implied

      • Andrew

        Watch for an hour. Count the commercials.

  • Michael McCann

    Hah! Awesome.

  • Anarchy Pony

    That’s a great documentary. They should make an updated version.

  • Tchoutoye

    hahaha, that was tellingly short.

  • Dying Fetus

    That’s the last time that guy is gonna be on Fox news

  • Wilstard

    Don’t mean to be downer brown, but isn’t that headline the equivalent of “Legs ‘Enable Walking’ ” ?

  • baraksiobamanov

    And CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC are wings of the Democratic Party. What’s your point?

    • DeepCough

      You’re wrong, that’s my point.

    • Eric Fischer

      MSNBC yes (or at least they aspire to be). The others not so much.

      • Jin The Ninja

        that isn’t exactly a progressive endorsement.

  • Hadrian999

    the whole left/right game reminds me of an episode of babylon 5

  • rhetorics_killer

    This guy will now be flagged as security threat