Get Your Conspiracy (Clothing) On

Disinfonauts might be interested in Fear and Clothing, a t-shirt company specializing in conspiracy/Fortean/occult themes. I’m especially taken with this Reptilian Resistance tee, myself, but it’s only one among dozens of offerings, some more serious than others.

Hat Tip: Hermetic Library

  • alizardx

    I think I’d look great in a Reptilian Resistance t-shirt for some reason.

  • Sonnenritter

    I want the blue pill shirt but their site sucks, its timing out like crazy.

    • Earthstar

      Nothing on their site works. Couldn’t oder one of these hackneyed slogan rags if we wanted to. Here’s a suggestion: nobody ever reads more than two lines of text on a shirt. Plus, it’s kind of creepy to stare at people’s chests too long!

      • Matt Staggs

        Sour grapes?

        • DeepCough

          No, The Matrix is just glitching a whole lot today. I noticed black cat kept crossing my path in an infinite loop.

          • Matt Staggs

            Schroedinger’s cat has apparently had it up to here with all the ambiguity. OR HAS IT?

  • Anarchy Pony

    I think I prefer those teach the controversy shirts.

    • Chaorder Gradient

      and WearScience with it

  • Threedinium

    “Rise like lions after slumber…”


  • Phillipede

    I still prefer

  • DeepCough is a good place to go as well.