Good Tidings


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One of my favorite sites, io9, had some great recommendations for whatever geeky holiday you may celebrate (Saturnalia, FestivusWookie Life Day) for just about every variety of nerd there is. They left out the Lovecraftian Horror fanatics, but had covered this on my own blog not too long ago, for you arcane and mad romantics out there. I also feel obliged to mention the variety of Big Lebowski what-have-yous from LebowskiFest. And ThinkGeek is always good for this sort of thing.

More importantly, however, are the suggestions io9 had for charitable donations this winter season for the science or sci-fi enthusiast in your clade. A fine (excerpted) list via Annalee Newitz at io9:

Plus, don’t forget that Occupy Sandy has been a stellar organization of community caretakers and activists alike during the difficult recovery on the East Coast. But if you’re feeling particularly politically polemical (or broke), inspire the spirit of anti-consumerism in others by Buying Nothing! And of course, if your loved ones have been naughty all year, perhaps they don’t just get coal, but thrown in a sack by the Krampus and swatted with birch branches. Or… not… that.

None of these are strong endorsements for your gift-buying, other than my own appreciation and/or fandom, just some ideas in case you’re still stress-eating fruitcake over it. And I’m always looking for other good causes that need help all year round, not just during the Norse Yule Solstice.

And a Happy Holiday War on Christmas, everyone!



It was a typical day in junior physics class at Point Cordial High when things took a turn... to the atypical! Mild-mannered Breshvic's seething distaste of physics broke through its last tensile straw as the very fabric of spacetime holding him in place tore like the flimsy wet blouse of an amateur porn artist! Young Breshvic found himself disembodied, floating wildly in a place with no shape or form, but more directions than previously revealed to him, and not easily explained in this format! Had he gone to that ethereal void of wraiths and gods? Had he crossed over to the land of dead? HAD HE GONE UTTERLY MAD? Had he simply fallen asleep during another lecture? NO! It was in this astral plane between reality and dream, nexus of dimension, the OMNIVERSE, that he first learned to use his powers, clawing madly to survive against nightmarish demons and malevolent cosmic shadows!

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  1. “If you’re anything as lucky as me, then you’ve found a significant other/trans-dimensional monster hunter/mental patient to share your life with, however short that may be. […] These Lovecraftian artifacts will spell out your love beyond the ageless æons and non-Euclidean space, as the dread Cthulhu has already permeated our modern popular culture with its putrid tentacles… of doom.”

    I think that’s one of the most romantic things I’ve ever read <3

    • Breshvic | Jan 7, 2013 at 3:19 am |

      Why thank you! We’re quite mad for each other, and this dimension will always have a sweet nostalgic sentiment for being the one we met in.

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