Idiot Sets Fire to Stage Magician’s Head

Picture: Wayne Houchin (C)

“I’d like to beat the living s–t out of that coward that did this to Wayne. Sorry but I am disgusted beyond words and equally angered. I hope that justice will be served. Get better soon, Wayne. We are all thinking of you”

Conjurer77, YouTube commentor.

The American stage magician Wayne Houchin, currently one of the stars and hosts of Breaking Magic (Discovery), has suffered severe burns to his face and head after a lunatic poured burning liquid over him in an unprovoked and unexpected attack during the taping of a TV show. The YouTube video (posted at bottom of this article) is going viral and fans of the magician are more than a little annoyed. According to The Telegraph:

[Wayne]was in the Dominican Republic to promote his Curiosidades show when he suffered severe burns after a TV chat show host poured burning cologne over his head.

The show’s crew rushed onto the set to douse the blaze, and Houchin was taken to a nearby hospital.

After receiving treatment, Houchin told friends and followers on Twitter that he was “in pain but recovering”.

He went on to describe his his shock at the inicident: “I was not aware he was going to do this. This was not a stunt or part of an act – this was a criminal attack.

“The fast actions of the rest of our Curiosidades team saved my life. The fire was put out and I was rushed to the emergency room.

“I have bad burns on my head, face, neck and right hand. I am in pain, but am recovering. I will update you on the situation when I can.”


However The New Statesman reports:

There are also suggestions that another guest on the show, who normally hosts a different programme, described the attack as “divine justice” for the sorcery supposedly practised by Houchin and his colleagues, but there’s no confirmation of that.  Nor is there any word on the fate of the attacker, or whether there are questions about his mental state.

And according to the Las Vegas Weekly:

Aqua de Florida is used by shamans in healing and cleansing rituals. In this part of the world, for many people, witches and witchdoctors are very real. Just two years ago in neighboring Haiti, around a dozen suspected witches were hacked to death by machetes and stoned in the streets. So it’s possible that the Approach the Stars TV host thought he was doing a good thing in burning Houchin. That would explain the statement released on the show’s Facebook page in which the attack was described as a “blessing.”

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Nick Margerrison.

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20 Comments on "Idiot Sets Fire to Stage Magician’s Head"

  1. Dougle Victor | Dec 2, 2012 at 8:54 am |

    Bs. He doesn’t look severely burnt. This is highly dubious.

    • Well, I’m not an expert in burns analysis but did my absolute best to confirm the story via various online sources as the the level of detail I could make out from the YouTube video wasn’t enough for me to call it personally. Are you able to explain further why this story is dubious? Hopefully it’ll help me write better stories in the future. :o)

      • the saurus | Dec 3, 2012 at 7:09 pm |

        what were your sources that the culprit was in fact of sub normal intelligence? (idiot) or in fact affected by the phases of the moon? (lunatic)

        if you personally suggest – “one would have to be an idiot to do this sort of thing” – i would disagree. :o)

        id hardly describe writing one paragraph and quoting 4 others as “writing stories” either.

        • I used the words idiot and lunatic to imply a moral judgement because I think violence like that is nasty and I was angry when I wrote the piece. Sorry if you misunderstood and thought I was being technical and specific with those words.

          That’s what I mean when I say “writing stories”.

          I agree that you might not see it that way. This story is not from primary sources or contain “original journalism”. Nor does it pretend to I don’t think.

          … ***Nick shuffles off and promises himself he’ll not get involved in the comments section again***.

          • the saurus | Dec 3, 2012 at 11:39 pm |

            i actually think its a good thing if you involve yourself in the comment section, should be more of it.

            i imagine the idiot lunatic ( technicality aside ) was also angry for some reason or another to do what he did.. but im not sure why such a thing should upset you so much though, unless you know the victim personally..

            i think theres a lot more that should outrage and anger all people in this world which doesnt get nearly enough coverage.. ( how about the idiot lunatics spreading depleted uranium all over iraq and causing disfigurement a million times worse than this for generations to come for example ) and this story – well.. seems every writer out there considers this story is one that simply must be told.. repeatedly, ad nauseam..

            having said all that, i understand you cant please all the people all the time..

            all the best.

          • OK. I’m breaking a promise to myself here … but it’s my final dabble in comments as I wanna get to the point where my posts speak for themselves.

            All I wanna say is: if you think there’s stories that need covering, sign up for an account and post ’em! That’s all I did. More contributors the better innit!


          • the saurus | Dec 4, 2012 at 1:01 am |

            im not a writer.. im a commenter..

            all im saying is..

            dougle victor “Bs. He doesn’t look severely burnt. This is highly dubious”

            may have been angry himself.. or experiencing some other equally legitimate emotion perhaps., when he wrote what he did… i actually agree with him somewhat… ive seen worse cases of sunburn.. maybe this magic fella is just a bit of a pussy and cant take having his head set alight … and cries more than he needs to.. i really dont see personally why this is such a big deal.. but

            you offered your opinion, and copped a little flak for it..

            he offered his.. and also copped some criticism.. though he seems to have moved on already..

            like i said, you cant be expected to please everyone all the time, but you can expect, if youre going to write stuff, to have critics out there.. every time, and if that bothers you, then you shouldnt be a writer either.

            “More contributors the better innit!” – im actually more a quality over quantity sorta person myself, but to each his own.

          • the saurus | Dec 4, 2012 at 2:02 am |

            might just add that it wouldnt be unreasonable in my opinion to consider comments as “contributions” either..

            so if you really believe the “more the merrier – pardon – better” – then it beggars the question as to why youd belittle someone with what can only be interpreted as an obviously condescending reply to their contribution.


            unless that smiley was a genuine indication that you really did believe Dougle Victors definition, or explanation of dubious, ( not withstanding zencs observation ),
            above and beyond the fact that in his opinion the magicians injuries didnt appear too severe.. would actually really help you write better stories..

            and though you feel as though youre not letting your article speak for itself by involving yourself in the comments, id simply suggest, for what its worth, that you view involvement in the comments as an opportunity to extend your work.. to expand upon, and improve.. i know i could rewrite my comments a lot better given the chance..

            also, there be many an article written where the comments be far more enjoyable and or enlightening that the original article.. and ive seen it often expressed where people appreciate exactly that.

          • the saurus | Dec 4, 2012 at 2:05 am |

            and ive seen it often expressed where people appreciate *exactly that. = author involvement

    • Frequently, the severity of burns isn’t immediately obvious.

      It takes time for the body’s reaction to make clearly evident which areas were damaged and how severely.

      In this case, there wasn’t even time for blisters to appear before the video ends.

    • you are highly douchious

    • "Big" Richard Johnson | Dec 2, 2012 at 6:43 pm |

      Your expert opinion is noted.

  2. Unprovoked? You wouldn’t say that if you had any idea of the kind of messages Houchin beams into people’s heads at night.

  3. zombieslapper | Dec 2, 2012 at 3:17 pm |

    This is what religion and superstition does. It’s a plaque. I feel like half of us want to evolve as a society while the other half walks around setting people on fire for God. We’re trapped on this ball of dirt with violent morons and I can’t take one more moment of it.

    • Matt Staggs | Dec 2, 2012 at 7:37 pm |

      The world offers a rich selection of crazy in all flavors: religious, irreligious, conservative, liberal, black, white, etc. etc. Not sure if any of them are available on a plaque, though.

      • brojangles | Dec 3, 2012 at 3:45 pm |

        I get it…he means “plaque” like on teeth right? Like, “religion and superstition are equatable to a yellow build up on your teeth” Im sure thats what zimbieslapper meant…

    • mannyfurious | Dec 3, 2012 at 11:52 am |

      Yeah, it sucks that not everybody can be as smart and as cool as you, brah. That must be a rough life. I feel sorry for you.

    • And you’ll take it for the rest of your existence. You’ll never know freedom. Never.

  4. “Aqua de Florida is used by shamans in healing and cleansing rituals. In this part of the world, for many people, witches and witchdoctors are very real. Just two years ago in neighboring Haiti, around a dozen suspected witches were hacked to death by machetes and stoned in the streets. So it’s possible that the Approach the Stars TV host thought he was doing a good thing in burning Houchin”

    Excuse me. If this was in Dominican Republic, no way the host wold have that train of tought.

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