Inexpensive Wind-Powered Device Inspired by Toys Detonates Landmines

Dozens of people die every day from unexploded landmines, many of which are left over from conflicts that ended decades ago. One Afghan designer has come up with a cheap, effective, low-risk method of detonating these dangerous devices using technology based on childhood toys.

Via Animal New York:

  • “Big” Richard Johnson

    Fantastic. This device could save many lives.

  • Camron Wiltshire

    Beautiful work. Too bad GE attempts to hide their shame through “philanthropic” sponsorship, aka PR. GE sits at #18 in the world…

  • BuzzCoastin

    human ingenuity at it’s finest

  • Adam Goodwin

    Brilliant. My cynical side wonders when they’ll be weaponized, though.

  • josefbh

    I saw an interesting device in a world war two (I think) film reel. It was large rotating drum with chains attached to it. The drum rotated with the chains whipping the ground to seek out and detonate mines. The chains were strong enough to withstand the damage. Like this guys device, why has there not been more effort in finding ways detonate the mines versus finding them and having some poor smuck go out there to detonate it?

    • “Big” Richard Johnson

      Similar devices are still in use. What you saw was a mine flail.

    • Chrispy Tallahassee

      You can detonate landmines with a mine flail, you can NOT set off IEDs with a mine flail or similar device. Most IEDs are activated by a man with a trigger nearby. The only way to deactivate these is to separate the trigger or plant a trigger explosive to detonate it safely. Mines aren’t used much anymore so such devices are really obsolete.