Iran and America Joined at the Hip by Snake Venom Antidote

Picture: Julie Anne Workman (CC)

When the US government needs anti-venin effective against Afghanistan’s venomous snakes (there’s eight species, by the way) it turns to Iran…

Via Newser:

The US leads the charge when it comes to economic sanctions against Iran—but when American soldiers’ health is at stake, the military is willing to do a little business with the Islamic republic. Iran produces antivenin against the poisonous snakes of Afghanistan; our own antivenins are toothless against such bites, as they’re made from domestic species. Working through a middleman, the US has bought 115 $310 vials of the stuff since January 2011, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Journal’s reporting has prompted a military review to see whether the practice violates sanctions rules. If so, a government waiver may be needed.

Check your tourniquet and keep reading.

1 Comment on "Iran and America Joined at the Hip by Snake Venom Antidote"

  1. BuzzCoastin | Dec 4, 2012 at 7:16 pm |

    all things considered
    115 vials of rare snake oil for $310 a vial
    seems ridiculously low
    considering the DOD usually pays hundred’s of thousands for toilet seats
    and billions on AC for the Afghanistan occupiers

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