JFK Conspiracy Theorists Want Mainstream Acceptance For 50th Anniversary

Dealey-plaza-annotatedIt ain’t gonna happen. Is it? Ana Camoy reports for the Wall Street Journal:

DALLAS—Officials in the city where President John F. Kennedy was gunned down Nov. 22, 1963, want to observe the 50th anniversary of that day with a celebration of his life.

The city plans a ceremony that would include readings from Kennedy speeches by historian David McCullough and military jets flying over Dealey Plaza, where the 35th president was shot.

But some who believe the assassination was a conspiracy involving high-ranking U.S. officials say their views shouldn’t be excluded from the commemoration.

“It’s absurd to move the discussion of his death to another moment,” said John Judge, executive director of the Coalition on Political Assassinations, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit that studies 1960s murders of public figures. “Our First Amendment rights are being violated.”

Mr. Judge, 65 years old, said conspiracy-theory proponents have gathered at Dealey Plaza every Nov. 22 since 1964. Next year, he added, will be the first that Dallas hasn’t granted a permit for the meeting, which usually involves a moment of silence and a few speeches. He said the city should move its ceremony elsewhere, adding that his group’s members would find a way to disseminate their theories during the city event, possibly even dropping protest banners from nearby buildings.

Mayor Mike Rawlings said in an interview that he would meet with Mr. Judge’s group, as well as with others who object to the city’s plans, to hear their concerns…

[continues in the Wall Street Journal]


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3 Comments on "JFK Conspiracy Theorists Want Mainstream Acceptance For 50th Anniversary"

  1. Apathesis | Dec 27, 2012 at 6:12 pm |

    The wound pattern on JFK’s head is bizarre. In the Zapruder film, it looks as though the front of his face explodes. However, autopsy photos show that right side, rear & top of his skull contain the damage. It boggles my mind.

    Exit wounds are generally larger, and the only way for this sort of pattern to exist would be for the shooter to shoot Kennedy in the back of the head while his head was turned down and to the left (which it was… a bit), so the 6.5x52mm round-nose bullet could exit above his right ear. The one photo I have found of the left side of the head shows no indication of an entry wound.

    What I don’t get it is – after the first shot hit him in the throat, why didn’t everyone duck down into the seats? Why didn’t Jackie pull him down? And what the hell was getting on top of the car going to accomplish? So bizarre.

  2. I remember a poll some years ago that stated that a super-majority of the American people disbelieve the “lone gunman” theory of the Warren Commission, i.e. that if one is not on the payroll of the MSM or connected with government, that belief that Oswald was the only party involved in the killing of JFK gets one a tinfoil hat.

    IOW, in this case, the “conspiracy theorists” won because the “official version” is just too thin to hang together even to convince the masses. It was definitively debunked by a House committee researching the assassination who had audio experts analyze the tape and come to a definite conclusion that there were more shots fired than the official version mentions.

    My position is that the truth, whatever it is, will never be known. Neil Wilgus book “The Illuminoids” has a timeline in the back of the book of JFK-assassination related events. Within the timeline is a list of potential witnesses for any inquiry into the death of JFK. Phenomenal death rate in that group. All coincidental, of course.

  3. BuzzCoastin | Dec 27, 2012 at 9:39 pm |

    funny thing is
    it’s usually sex scandals & not conspiracies that bring down the elites

    all the people who cared about the Lusitania cover-up are now dead
    the Pearl Harbor cover-up was quashed by jingoism
    all conspiracies serve at least to purposes
    befuddle the with the psyop act & befuddle the investigators ad nauseum

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