Man Demonstrates Ability to Speak the “Languages” of Planets

Via The Presurfer:
British Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore interviews a man with a most remarkable gift.

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  • Shalilayo

    I think I recognized one of those languages…no, wait…that was the eewoks on Star Wars.

  • alyan

    How can this be NOT real, and osamabinladen real?

  • BuzzCoastin

    Eraserhead interviews Professor Erwin Cory
    but I have to applaud the panache with which it payed off

    panache being

    ξςφψωϞ ϠϣϿжйпфщ Ѡдѣѥ Ѩѯѳѱ҉ӿخصᾇῢ₥₯
    in the Plutonium language

  • echar

    That guy is an impressive liar.

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    Reminds me of glossolalia, probably involves the same mechanisms.

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