Marijuana The New Normal In California

California often paves the way for cultural shifts in America and with the front page of the New York Times declaring that marijuana is so common that it might as well be legal in California,  should we expect the whole nation to follow?

Let Colorado and Washington be the marijuana trailblazers. Let them struggle with the messy details of what it means to actually legalize the drug. Marijuana is, as a practical matter, already legal in much of California.

No matter that its recreational use remains technically against the law. Marijuana has, in many parts of this state, become the equivalent of a beer in a paper bag on the streets of Greenwich Village. It is losing whatever stigma it ever had and still has in many parts of the country, including New York City, where the kind of open marijuana use that is common here would attract the attention of any passing law officer.

“It’s shocking, from my perspective, the number of people that we all know who are recreational marijuana users,” said Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant governor. “These are incredibly upstanding citizens: Leaders in our community, and exceptional people. Increasingly, people are willing to share how they use it and not be ashamed of it.”

Marijuana can be smelled in suburban backyards in neighborhoods from Hollywood to Topanga Canyon as dusk falls — what in other places is known as the cocktail hour — often wafting in from three sides. In some homes in Beverly Hills and San Francisco, it is offered at the start of a dinner party with the customary ease of a host offering a chilled Bombay Sapphire martini.

Lighting up a cigarette (the tobacco kind) can get you booted from many venues in this rigorously antitobacco state. But no one seemed to mind as marijuana smoke filled the air at an outdoor concert at the Hollywood Bowl in September or even in the much more intimate, enclosed atmosphere of the Troubadour in West Hollywood during a Mountain Goats concert last week.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Republican governor, ticked off the acceptance of open marijuana smoking in a list of reasons he thought Venice was such a wonderful place for his morning bicycle rides. With so many people smoking in so many places, he said in an interview this year, there was no reason to light up one’s own joint…

[continues in the New York Times]


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  1. To uploader!
    It’s a plant that contains drugs, some are called Cannabinoids, like THC, THCv, CBC and CBD. Cannabis is NOT THC. Good thing too as the USA Gov’t owns the Patent on THC but can’t hold a Patent on a PLANT!!! Are we learning yet?
    Get your words corrected and stop spreading deceptive disinformation!
    FYI – There’s no such thing as “Marijuana/Marihuana”. That’s a slang word used in a racist campaign to discredit the Cannabis plant to the unwitting USA Congress so they could be manipulated into making the USA’s most profitable crop a criminal offence to grow without them even knowing they were doing it.
    Cannabis – from the Latin word. Hemp – the Anglo-Saexon word. Marihuana – racist slang word.
    Calling Cannabis, “Marihuana/Marijuana”, is no different to calling a black guy a nigger! Stop it!

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