More Than Half the US Supports Legalisation of Cannabis

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“Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, observing as far as my red eyes can see toking on a big fat f–king bong! Yeah, that’s right you f–kers in the future, suck it up. I smoked weed like a motherf–ker! Go Google it!”

– Thomas Jefferson[1]

The legalisation of cannabis meme seems to be reaching its tipping point. The Volokh Conspiracy reports:

A recent poll conducted by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling indicates that 58% of Americans support the legalization of marijuana. This is consistent with other recent survey data showing that public opinion is moving in a pro-legalization direction. In 2011, a Gallup poll showed 50% support for legalization for the first time. As with other recent surveys, the PPP polls finds that support for legalization is highest among younger people. But this is a generational effect in which each generation is more supportive of legalization than the one that came before, rather than a cohort effect in which the young are pro-legalization, but quickly turn against it once they get older. In the PPP survey, even people between the ages of 46 and 65 are far more likely to support legalization (44%) than those over 65 (32%).

The overall level of support for legalization in this poll is somewhat higher than in other surveys. We should be cautious about inferring that the true level of support is really as high as 58% unless and until we get confirmation from other polls. Nonetheless, the PPP poll is yet another indication that public opinion is moving in a pro-legalization direction.

Further reading at The Volokh Conspiracy

ORIGINAL SOURCE OF POLL: Public Policy Polling.

Personally speaking I agree with the above notion that these changes are symptomatic of a permanent generational shift in opinion. The full recreational legalisation of cannabis use in the greatest nation[2] on earth is surely inevitable?

Nick Margerrison

Much needed footnotes:

[1] Ok, there’s debate about this quote but the point stands. Weed has only been illegal for a very short period of the West’s history. Historical figures who weren’t afraid of the green are legion. According to a recent theory even Shakespeare used to have a crafty burn here and there.

[2] I’ve never been there, I just like the ideas it claims to stand for. The reality would probably ruin it for me.

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  • bsjeffrey

    100% of the constitution supports it.

    • DeepCough

      Because 100% of the Constitution is MADE OF IT!

      • Jerry

        Made of hemp, but yeah your right.

  • ☆ForeverAeon☆

    Can we please stop calling it Marijuana? Its cannabis. Marijuana is spanish.

    • bsjeffrey

      what difference does it make? how about calling it ganja?

      • ☆ForeverAeon☆

        do you call beer “Cerveza”?

        • bsjeffrey

          sometimes i do call it cerveza

        • bsjeffrey

          maybe you should look up the origins of the word cannabis because it’s not english. if that is your real point.

        • Eric Fischer

          Only when I’m drinking with Mexicans.

    • Kevin Leonard

      When referring to medicinal usage, sure, cannabis.
      When referring to recreational use,

    • Amanda Green

      I vote we just call it awesome. “Hey, did u get me that bag of awesome like I asked?” “Yup, its right here.”

      • ☆ForeverAeon☆

        That sounds good to me.

    • JaceD

      By “we” do you mean the human race? The term marijuana is used equally as often as cannabis.

  • Jason Monroe

    Problem is the blatant lies told about marijuana. The biggest being that its harmful and addicting. Facts show both of those statements are a farce.

    • 1plakat

      its delicious! umm smoke

  • Michael Robert

    Every single person I meet that knows anything about cannabis agrees it should be made legal. Every single person who is against the legalization of cannabis relays an argument to me that is entirely based on lies and propaganda. What does that tell you?

    • Simiantongue

      That tells me that you’ve met two or more people.

  • Dar

    They’d do better to find a cuter girl, and a setting that doesn’t exude “Mississippi trailer park.”

    • Matt Staggs

      I’m limited to public domain photos, and this one came from a set of vintage 1974 photographs depicting a group of young people smoking marijuana on a picnic in Texas. I thought the photos were great, and the girl cute as a button. Genuine offer: Visit me in Mississippi sometime. I’ll take you out for a beer, a nice dinner and maybe introduce you to a few women who might challenge your color-by-number classist standards.