Netflix Pushes For Privacy Law Change To Make Your Viewing History Available To Advertisers And Government

Coming soon–an algorithm to root out criminals and agitators in advance based on Netflix viewing history. Truthout writes:

You might want to think twice about streaming that “subversive” documentary about the Weather Underground on Netflix. If Republicans have their way, you just might end up on a watch list somewhere. This week, the House of Representatives passed an amendment to the 1988 Video Protection Privacy Act, which forbids movie rental companies from sharing or selling their customers’ viewing history. The Senate is expected to take up the amendment soon.

If this passes, what you watch on Netflix may soon become public information that your friends, employers, and even the government will have access to. Netflix favors the law change because it will help them branch into social media…[with] enormous profit-potential in selling your viewing history to advertisers who can target specific demographics based on your preference in movies. Also unmentioned by Netflix is just who else might get this information once it’s taken out of the privacy lockbox.

  • Ted Heistman

    I wonder if this goes on with public libraries?

  • InfvoCuernos

    I hope my p0rn site doesn’t do this-I get enough spam.

  • Apathesis

    I had a feeling this was coming. My “Recently Watched” list includes:

    Countdown to Zero (danger of nuclear proliferation)

    Radio Bikini (nukes)

    Battle’s Poison Cloud (Agent Orange and birth defects caused by it in Vietnam)

    The Forgotten Bomb (nukes)

    Murder by Proxy: How America Went Postal (violence in the workplace)

    The War on Kids (RX drugs, Zero Tolerance policy silliness, cops with guns drawn performing drug searches, and other bullshit kids who go to public schools have to deal with)

    Waiting for “Superman” (failings of the public school system and how teachers unions would rather protect their jobs than educate the children they are failing)

    Bowling for Columbine (Does this movie even make a cohesive point? RX drugs were almost completely ignored.)

    The Invisibile War (rape and the ongoing coverups in the military)

    Please Remove Your Shoes (TSA bungling)

    I highly recommend most of these documentaries. I found them pretty interesting and I’m sure the government will too.

    • BuzzCoastin

      Here’s some material not quite as mainstream, but even more radical:

      One Straw Revolution
      The Power Of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
      Farming with Nature – A Case Study of Successful Temperate Permaculture (2000)
      Sepp Holzer Terraces and Raised Beds
      Another Kind of Garden by Jean Pain
      Lawton’s Guide To Permaculture Design and Strategy
      Garbage Warrior
      Biomethane Production from a Biogas Plant

      knowing that Big Homelander has his nose up your ass isn’t that helpful
      knowing how to exit Big Homelander’s FEMA Camp is
      that’s what they don’t want you to know

      ever wonder why you were never trained on the basics of survival
      but were trained on how to do homework?

      • Apathesis

        Thanks! That Garbage Warrior doc is actually on Netflix, so I’ll watch that now. **Wait, no it isn’t. YouTube it is!

        One of my biggest complaints of public education is how they really don’t teach you ANY survival skills that could help you survive in the civilized world or in the wilderness. All the years wasted on covering whitewashed versions of early American history could have been better spent. Did I really need to be told lies about Columbus and the puritans for the fourth time?

        Kids don’t know how to sanitize water, build a shelter, or start a fire. Hell, I have two friends who are Eagle Scouts and can’t start a fire! Self-defense? Forget about it. Some parents cringe and shout at the idea of wanting to learn how to protect yourself. The powers in charge obviously want us to be dependent on and subservient to the government.

        • Anarchy Pony

          “The powers in charge obviously want us to be dependent on and subservient to the government establishment.” FTFY

          • Apathesis

            Both are true. Sorry for not being broad enough.

        • BuzzCoastin

          one of my points was
          there isn’t much of anything on NetFlix
          that will enhance your life
          but there’s a lot that will help distract you
          from enhancing your life

          I went to high school with Tom Brown
          the survival dude
          it took me another 30 years to figure out what he was about
          and now my only regret
          is having wasted so much time in Vanity Fair

          • Apathesis

            I sure haven’t felt happier after watching all those documentaries, so you are right. Unfortunately, I’ve always been pretty unhappy person and my feelings of hopelessness are getting worse. As much as I liked the documentaries I mentioned, I certainly didn’t feel better after watching them.

            At least when I watched the Garbage Warrior today, it was a positive experience.

          • BuzzCoastin

            most of the other titles can be found for free on the internet

            actually, at the risk of sounding positive
            things are actually better than they’ve ever been
            less starvation, disease & war than anytime in recorded history
            the majority of the world’s population
            have access to goods & services formally reserved for elites
            and we now have the tools & resources to create even better lives
            by amending our mistakes and trying new ways of living
            and every individual in America & the EU
            has everything they need to do this
            all that’s lacking is will power & imagination
            both of whom are sapped by shit from Hollywood

    • Anarchy Pony

      Failings of public schooling are systemic, it has little to nothing to do with the actual teachers (who of course want to protect their jobs, you tool, everyone wants to protect their source of income).

      • mannyfurious

        I taught for two years, and I thought Waiting for Superman was one of the worst takes on what’s wrong with the education system I’ve ever seen. The teachers and the teachers union are the least of the problem (yes, there are terrible teachers, but most want to do a good job. Yes, tenure is stupid, let’s get rid of that instead of the entire union). But whatever, it’s easier to blame the people in the trenches, taking shit from both sides than to have serious, intelligent conversations about all the things that are really fucked up (risingn administration costs that have nothing to do with what goes on in the classroom, curriculums that don’t represent the modern world, parents and neighborhoods that reward children for failure, etc).

        • Apathesis

          The public school system is pretty agonizing to go through. I was forced to read macabre drivel, learn lies about American history year in and year out, suffer through math classes without great teachers, and deal with classes that were stuffed with 25-30 kids so the kids who needed help couldn’t get it.

          I agree that teachers are getting too much shit when the system at large is fucked and they are just trying to operate inside of a broken system. Unfortunately, I don’t think enough parents are even aware of what is going on schools today or what is being taught.

      • Apathesis

        You realize what I wrote in parentheses after the film titles were summaries, right? That was much of the point of the film. It wasn’t my take on the film.

        I agree wholeheartedly about the systemic failures, but it’s a bit ridiculous that the unions are unwilling to compromise by changing aspects of tenure. I think everything that is a problem needs to be addressed, no matter how small.

        For the record, I think many teachers are underpaid.

  • BuzzCoastin

    just anther good reason to stop watching the Hollywood psyops

    sometimes it appears to me that a “radical” in the US
    is someone who’d likes things the way they are
    but just wishes Big Homelander would chill the F out
    never realizing that
    the MKUtimate goal was just that state of mind
    brought to you buy NetDicks

  • Adam Goodwin

    Or you could avoid paying through nexflix and just switch to 1channel.

    • InfvoCuernos

      that looks promising, thx for the head’s up!

      • Adam Goodwin

        np. pass it on.