Possible next step for the UK Police Service?

Combat knife and grenade as standard

Police do not carry guns as standard in the United Kingdom. However some young British would-be coppers will be getting an interesting alternative option in their stockings this year. Why bother with a gun when you can pack a grenade, combat knife (complete with knuckle guard) and military style hard hat?

Might come in useful in the event of a re-run of the spontanious rioting that blighted 2011. Certainly puts a different twist on the idea of the UK being ‘policed by consent’.

Merry Christmas!

Nick Margerrison

Nick Margerrison

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4 Comments on "Possible next step for the UK Police Service?"

  1. ‘Might come in useful in the event of a re-run of the spontanious rioting that blighted 2011.’

    Spontanious[sic] my eye:

    ’30 August 2008

    Notting Hill Carnival crackdown targets young black men

    Those who have responded to the tragedy of knife crime by calling for police crackdowns ought to take note. The criminalisation of a generation of black youth will undoubtedly lead to explosions of anger in the future, just as it did a generation ago with the riots that swept Britain’s inner cities.’



    ’10:00PM BST 07 Aug 2011

    By Martin Beckford, Mark Hughes, Duncan Gardham and Tom Whitehead

    Tottenham riots: police let gangs run riot and loot

    Britain’s biggest police force is facing criticism after it let looters run riot in north London for almost 12 hours, in some of the worst scenes of street disturbances seen in recent years.’


  2. BuzzCoastin | Dec 26, 2012 at 4:13 am |

    I love the way they edge around this, by arming them with weapons, but not guns.
    A clear indication the PTB think they haven’t the clout or

    they haven’t got the balls to go for the guns.

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