Scientist Wants Military to Close the ‘Mutant Gap’ With Biomodded Soldiers

Picture: Vitruvian Man - Da Vinci (PD)

Nothing to see here, citizen. Go watch some more television while we quietly build our biomodded super soldiers.


Greater strength and endurance. Enhanced thinking. Better teamwork. New classes of genetic weaponry, able to subvert DNA. Not long from now, the technology could exist to routinely enhance — and undermine — people’s minds and bodies using a wide range of chemical, neurological, genetic and behavioral techniques.

It’s warfare waged at the evolutionary level. And it’s coming sooner than many people think. According to the futurists at the U.S. National Intelligence Council, by 2030, “neuro-enhancements could provide superior memory recall or speed of thought. Brain-machine interfaces could provide ‘superhuman‘ abilities, enhancing strength and speed, as well as providing functions not previously available.”

Qualities that today must be honed by years of training and education could be installed in a relative instant by, say, an injection or a targeted burst of electricity to the brain. Rapid advancements in neurology, pharmacology and genetics could soon make such installations fairly easy.

These modifications could give rise to new breeds of biologically enhanced troops possessing what one expert in the field calls “mutant powers.” But those troops may not American. So far, the U.S. military has been extremely reluctant to embrace human biological modification, or “biomods.” And that could result in a veritable mutant gap. In this new form of biological warfare, the U.S. could find itself outgunned.

But not if Andrew Herr can help it.

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  1. now all we need is a warhammer 40000 style enemy to fight, otherwise this crap is useless.

  2. Geoff Henry | Dec 26, 2012 at 5:31 pm |

    Maybe a zombie apocalypse isn’t such a crazy idea.

  3. Subtext – research for neuroenhancement funded by taxpayers fully expecting that anything powerful enough to provide major enhancements in human capabilities will be found far too expensive to be implanted into individual soldiers. I’m guessing $1M for implantation costs (done 1 to 1 by neurosurgeons, and these costs DO NOT SCALE with volume) and $250K/device… which will not be manufactured in sufficient volume for learning-curve driven cost reductions)

    The DNA-based weapons will probably be cost-effective enough to wind up as Real Things You Can Buy if you’re with DOD procurement or have black market connections.

    Can we have a moratorium on posts based on the NIC “Futurist” study? So far, everything I’ve seen based on that report is obvious crap.

    • Matt Staggs | Dec 26, 2012 at 5:48 pm |

      Nope, but you can have a moratorium on reading them. 😉 (joke)

      • You have a point, on this site, freedom of speech is prioritized over quality control of the article content, and that’s exactly as it should be here.

        • Matt Staggs | Dec 26, 2012 at 6:28 pm |

          Ouch! In all seriousness, I thought that the article would spark some interesting conversations. I’ve been pretty much running the joint solo over the holidays, and I’m doing my best to entertain.

          • Disinformation is one of the best places to find intelligent contrarians who don’t buy the Conventional Wisdom.

            I suspect that the NIC report is about attempting to mainstream mass-market corporate Futurism, which is IMO, about promoting the image of techno-capitalism as The Source of All Future Good (so we shouldn’t make them pay taxes), NOT about promoting a future even a True Believer in Transhuman / Singularity ideology wouldn’t want to live in. (the future where government is simply a tool for upward transfer of wealth which is the agenda of the movement’s backers)

            I no longer believe that the NIC report is intended as a planning document for government agencies.

          • Ted Heistman | Dec 26, 2012 at 7:42 pm |

            I think the establishment is more of a big clusterfuck than anyone wants to believe. Trying to find logic and goals(let alone conspiracies) is anthropomorphizing it too much.

          • while “upward transfer of wealth” is NOT the only goal of the wealthy who have pwn3d government, it’s the default.

          • Ted Heistman | Dec 26, 2012 at 8:16 pm |

            yeah, its that plus putting a big net over everybody to suck their energy into the system.

            So people get sucked into it in different ways, and people find new ways to evade it.

          • Ted Heistman | Dec 26, 2012 at 7:36 pm |

            I noticed that, I’ve been enjoying the video clips! You are a weird dude! The truth comes out under pressure!

    • There are a few elements to this idea that people unfamiliar with how these procedures will be performed haven’t taken into account. I am actually involved with some of this research, so I thought I would add my two cents. Most of the devices targeted for production are based on an ability to be distributed to a wide audience quickly. Rather than shaping these enhancements around expensive surgical procedures, most of these implants will be produced and distributed in a manner similar to immunization shots. Most of the reliable biotech is focusing on nano bots that can be controlled by both an initial BIOS, as well as remotely executed code. Rather than wasting resources producing clunky hardware that has to be grafted to specific areas of the body, biotech uses nano bots to initiate cell manipulation and assimilation on a biological level. While the nature of what these nano bots are used for may vary between monetary classes, the production and distribution will be relatively cheap.

      • Please provide cites to the research you are discussing, I think you’re discussing speculation about things which aren’t even in the lab stage at this point.

        • I’d rather discuss this on a personal basis. Before I bother posting a temporary email, please answer this question: Are you affiliated with any Fusion Centers in any way? I’ve worked on their data centers, so I know you have to answer truthfully if you are. Just a yes or no will suffice.

          • I am not affiliated with Fusion Centers or any other local, state, or Federal government agency. I regard the existence of Fusion Centers as an example of bad public policy. My only professional involvement with government was a one-shot assignment as a Federal subcontractor doing policy analysis with respect to cryptographic data handling of patient data in connection with the initial draft of HIPAA patient privacy legislation in the late 1990s.

            That said, your current location is Bullfrog, UT? (I am a competent Internet researcher-part of being an ex-tech journalist) and you do IT for a uniform manufacturer? And your other primary activity is SF writer?

            You have made a collection of truly extraordinary claims which you appear to be unqualified to support. I don’t see where we have anything to discuss privately. What you’re claiming looks like an article about THE FUTURE!!! on H+ Magazine for True Believers only.

            I make it my business to stay on top of cutting-edge academic and corporate technology as a Maker always with an eye out for interesting new tools. The state of the biohack art that I am aware of is going on in the new biohacker makerspaces, i.e. microorganisms that glow in the dark.

            If you claim to be doing a private research project with the kind of implications for public safety that your concern about Fusion Centers indicate, lawyer up, you just announced to the data miners at various government agencies that You Are Doing Something Suspicious. And you should not be offering to discuss it with anyone who does not “need to know” or at all via non-crypto electronic communications, even if you are only trying to keep it NDA long enough to get your patent apps filed.

          • Thanks for your candid reply.

          • It could have been worse. I decided against inviting one of the top biohackers to review your claims out of mercy.

            If you want to see further debunking of Futurist Transhumanist / Singulatarian claims of the sort that caused me to run screaming out of the scene, go back along my Disqus timeline.

            This stuff isn’t getting into the mainstream despite the Singularity PR machine budget because hard-core tech people and public policy types tend not to believe it and the small minority of people like me who are both laugh at it.

            While the Futurist scene of today is largely descended from the ideas of Robert Anton Wilson, RAW never forgot that the future comes out of the present and if you would know what kind of future probabilities (there is no THE FUTURE!!! and anyone who says there is, is trying to sell you something) can come out of the present, you have to know what the present is and how it works. RAW’s degree was in electrical engineering. He learned on his own how to find out the backstories behind reality that got him called “conspiracy theorist” by the MSM.

            You have to know how academic research is funded, how venture capital works and doesn’t work, and how politics affects technology as well as the most current corporate and academic press releases the Kurzweil AI news aggregator can send you.

            Transhumanist writing might be worth reading if it contained critical thinking and people willing to apply contrarian viewpoints to the belief system itself.

            As to why these people don’t exist:
            Upton Sinclair: ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

            Futurism is about promoting techno-capitalism and techno-capitalists and persuading the hipster nerd community which it is targeted at that if they only have faith, the miracles of the future will be delivered to their doorsteps by the miracle of the capitalist system. No need for political action to make sure we get what we want, just make sure that the wealthy pay NO NEW TAXES.

            The price of telling the truth for corporate Futurists is NO MORE CORPORATE FUNDING.

          • All questions of the Cyber-Singularity aside, I want to make something clear to you.

            Law Enforcement does not have a legal obligation to tell you the truth during an investigation or even preliminary to one.

            Not uniformed officers, plainclothes, or undercover. Not the local donut eaters nor the federal jackboots. Not even when they’re both having a circle-jerk at a Fusion Center.

            Here’s a list of relevant case law which I just purloined from some online police magazine.

            Haney v. City of Los Angeles, 109 Cal. App. 4th 1 (2003).
            Ziegler v. City of South Pasadena, 73 Cal.App.4th 391 (1999).
            Brogan v. United States, 118 S. Ct. 805 (1998).
            LaChance v. Erickson, 118 S. Ct. 753 (1998).
            Ackerman v. State Personnel Board, 145 Cal. App. 3d 395 (1983).
            Gee v. California State Personnel Board, 5 Cal. App. 3d 713 (1970).
            Brady v. Maryland, 83 S. Ct. 1194 (1963).


  4. I wonder what year the obsolete terms “free will” and “freedom” will be taken out of dictionaries.

    • Good question, though the people who will actually be able to afford bioenhancement technology will be sufficiently wealthy to have the system they own protecting their free will and personal freedom against the rest of us.

  5. DeepCough | Dec 26, 2012 at 5:54 pm |

    Oh, well, it’s nice to see that whole “Human-zee” (half-human, half-chimpanzee) conspiracy theory wasn’t total bullshit.

  6. There will be a lot of blowback with this shit. If you look at Leonardo there, in the picture with his his junk hanging out, you will notice he is in the middle of a circle. That represents infinity. That is where creative power comes from. He is perfectly balanced and centered.

    Making a “Super Soldier” is just a way of painting yourself into a corner, making trade offs for some specialized end that ends up weakining the whole. Plus all this stuff can be hacked.

    Look at UFC fighting. You have muscle bound freaks juiced up on the latest technology in steroid abuse. What happens when they come up against a true martial artist like Anderson Silva? They routinely get destroyed. Anderson Silva is not muscle bound at all. In fact he is an ecto-morph.

    Obviously Modern Warfare is not martial arts competition, but I think some of the same principles apply.

    • What’s the motivation for DOD to create super-soldiers far more intelligent than their political and military leadership?

      • Ted Heistman | Dec 26, 2012 at 7:39 pm |

        Well there are some intelligent people out there don’t fool yourself. Basically The US military Industrial Complex is anarchic, the police State is control based. Opposing forces in a way, that end up working together.

        There are a lot of really smart people in DARPA coming up with ingenious ways to subvert and destroy.

      • Calypso_1 | Dec 26, 2012 at 7:55 pm |

        Perhaps said leadership would maintain access to command & control of the various on switches. It broadens the concept of ‘sleepers’ as well.

        • I expect implant tech to be expensive enough for the first few generations that the only people on DOD payrolls who will get it are guinea pigs, followed by top researchers and the General Staff.

          • Calypso_1 | Dec 26, 2012 at 8:31 pm |

            I believe this may be less costly than you think. People with certain epilepsies & Parkinson’s are routinely recieving implants. Neither the surgery nor the technology is all that exceptional given the state of the art. Its transitioning from corrective into enhancement. I’d be willing to recieve an upgrade given demonstration of viable tech.

          • Depends on implant type. An implantable “google glasses” implant might require a lot less intervention as distinguished from an implant that’s intended to go deeply enough into the nervous system to enhance the intelligence of its user. I expect corporate health plans to cover “google glasses” style implants based on enhanced employee efficiency.

          • Calypso_1 | Dec 26, 2012 at 8:43 pm |

            I can imagine such things being a requirement for certain positions in the corporate hierarchy.

          • Certainly. Don’t hold your breath on coverage under Obamacare or via any other method that will allow access by the masses.

  7. BuzzCoastin | Dec 26, 2012 at 8:43 pm |

    since the US military is not about winning wars
    (it’s about spending fake money for fake profits)
    and because machines already do most of the fighting
    I think the technologies that
    confer superior memory recall or speed of thought and ‘superhuman‘ abilities
    will be given to the Bankster’s for their ongoing war against the sheeple

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