Sex Object

“I love him for the elegant lines of his gondola…”

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  • zombieslapper

    “I would like to get to know this fence better.”


  • echar

    This makes me think of Lars and the Real Girl

    My initial reaction is skepticism, then awkwardness, and then experiencing them as freaks. It’s not often that I realize that the world is stranger than I already though it was, but this has just happened.

  • kowalityjesus

    Bottom and Calpurnia, anyone?

  • BuzzCoastin

    as soon as it started to roll I thought Sundance
    it’s really iPhunny
    not that we don’t live in a culture that loves objects
    of course
    it’s just not as obvious as this
    but just as blatant

    sent from my iPorn

  • Ted Heistman

    Could be bogus, but it is a real condition, I thought it was called paraphilia but I guess its this:

  • Simiantongue

    Okey dokey, that’s enough internet for tonight.

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