‘Shark-Eat-Shark’ Picture Could Be Good Sign for Species Recovery

Catch of the day ... A blue shark attempting to eat a school shark.A photo posted on Reddit depicting a small shark on an angler’s line being attacked by a larger shark is being described as an encouraging sign according to one New Zealand scientist:

Via Sydney Morning Herald:

Department of Conservation shark expert Clinton Duffy, a marine scientist, said the shot actually captured a common event.

“Blue sharks often steal fish off people’s lines at this time of year and they also commonly eat other shark species.”

Duffy said the smaller shark was probably better known to New Zealanders as the white bit between the batter in their fish and chips – proving we’re not the only ones partial to its taste.

The school shark, a juvenile, was likely about 80cm long while its bigger enemy was about two metres. Both were common species in New Zealand waters, although the blue shark was becoming a rarity due to the practice of shark-finning, Duffy said.

“It’s quite encouraging really to see a picture like that,” he said.

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  1. Nobody seems to mention the not encouraging part that someone has a shark on their line to begin with…..

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