Soul Capture: Don’t Love the Cosmic Cockroach

Picture: Sharadpunita (CC)

I’ve read OpticusWrangler’s essay “Opti and I” a couple times now and I see some interesting ramifications that I think might be good for further discussion. Anyone who enjoyed the other piece probably won’t mind if I go non-linear.

I used to be a dog musher. Let me start by describing the kind of dog I like: The kind you can’t quite tame. Not the type that acquiesces completely, but rather, the kind you have to come to an understanding with. The kind that holds some of herself back and doesn’t just give away everything. Dogs I like retain something of the wolf in them. Husky dogs that basically say “Yeah, we’re buds but I’m not going to come running every time you call me, WTF? Is everything about you? There is other interesting stuff going on sometimes believe it or not!”

That said, I love dogs, but I still retain a firm belief in my superiority over them. Sure they can teach me things, but they also eat poop and wrap their leads around and around on a pole until their face is against it, and can’t figure out that going around and around the other way, will give them more lead again. These are basic facts.

By the same token, As a fellow hypernaut, I don’t have have any illusions that I am the biggest bad ass in the Universe and that I will never encounter any being superior to myself, in age, wisdom, or power etc.

That would be crazy and narcissistic. But still, man, I have to at least be as tough as my favorite sled dogs, don’t I? Can’t I be my own boss? A sovereign individual? I better be able to be, because otherwise that’s a deal breaker. I’m going to be my own boss or nothing at all. In life sometimes you often have to go along to get along. But I’m only giving so much of myself and no more. Ultimately I’m here, piloting my own ship.

It wasn’t always this way. I tried being a slave. It ain’t worth it. So then when I met Buddha on the road, I killed him after giving him a piece of my mind. Some people have a theory: If Yahweh asks you to kill your only son and you agree to do it, you actually failed the test. What Abraham got from that test may have only been the consolation prize.

This viewpoint isn’t unique to me: This is a lesson from mythology. There are tricksters out there. When encountering hyperdimensional beings, you have to be cagey. If you find yourself talking to dragons, take a lesson from Bilbo: keep your feet under you and your eye on the exit door. If an elf gives you something and tells you to drink it, ask yourself: Where have I heard this before? Do I want to wake up 20 years from now with a bad hangover and a long white beard? Should I trust genies? How did it turn out for the other guys? Did their wishes come true in the end?

I agree with the author: lots of other people know Opti and that Herm isn’t imagining it. I am not saying that there aren’t elves out there in hyperspace or dragons or Greeks, even, bearing gifts. My point is beware: Guard your soul, and to thine own self be true.

So who else may know Opti besides the Wrangler and the Great High Glisters? A commenter, Kowality Jesus quoted  Carlos Castaneda talking about the “flyers”:

“They [the sorcerers of ancient Mexico]discovered that we have a companion for life. We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives….

The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now… Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them. And they ensure, in this manner, a degree of security to act as a buffer against their fear….

The grand trick of those sorcerers of ancient times, was to burden the flyers’ mind with discipline. They found out that if they taxed the flyers’ mind with inner silence, the foreign installation would flee, giving to any one of the practitioners involved in this maneuver the total certainty of the mind’s foreign origin. The foreign installation comes back, I assure you, but not as strong, and a process begins in which the fleeing of the flyers’ mind becomes routine, until one day it flees permanently. A sad day indeed! That’s the day when you have to rely on your own devices, which are nearly zero. There’s no one to tell you what to do. There’s no mind of foreign origin to dictate the imbecilities you’re accustomed to.

Another commenter, Calypso_1, pointed out that there are indeed many parallels to Castaneda’s description of “Flyers” and Herm’s description of Opticus; that critters like Opticus are hardly universal, though they may purport themselves to be . I would go one further and say that they are universal and that Herm and Castaneda are describing the same entity.  I would also agree with Castaneda and Herm that this entity long ago insinuated itself into human consciousness.

This entity gave us its mind, also known as the ego mind. The discipline Don Juan Speaks of is the same discipline called for by Zen masters and modern day writers such as Eckhart Tolle alike: The discipline of meditation and the cultivation of inner silence; the quieting of inner dialogue and the practice of connecting with eternity through being in the present moment.

From experience, I know that by cultivating inner silence – being in the present moment, – you really do come to recognize the inner dialogue of the ego as a “foreign installation”.

At some point in the life of an esoteric practitioner there comes a parting of the ways:  You can choose to be sovereign or you can agree, basically, to be eaten by Opticus, enter the covenant he speaks of, and join with it in the consuming of other consciousnesses. (This is possibly a choice not open to the vast majority of people bound to ordinary consciousness, and who remain “food for the moon“.)

The currency of these cosmic pirates is consciousness, itself.  Opti is a soul-eater.  After having his consciousness consumed by Opti, Herm goes on to consume other souls:

“I felt horrified at the scope of the raider’s consumption, and I wanted no more of their life, attractive and elegant as it is. We ate lives, and stole lineages, consisting of huge information structures, condensed into tiny portable packets of infinite value that can be opened up and decoded. They continue to give me skeins of code when I see them, but for a long time I tried to refuse them. They are quick and unsympathetic, and they insist upon sharing with me; they claim iyam as of them. Eventually, I acknowledged to myself that everyone eats, and I feel a little better about absorbing the awareness of other sentient beings, but I no longer visit the pirate mantids in their golden city.”

Esoteric author Michael Topper observed that Whitley Strieber came to love the Greys who he described as torturing him in his alien abduction memoir Communion. There appears to be a Stockholm syndrome that people can fall prey to when they become enthralled to this entity.  Streiber originally described the Greys as “Stinking insects the size of tigers”. The feeling of revulsion is normal and must be bypassed, through delicate maneuvers Topper describes as “Stalking”.

The “beings” engineered circumstances so as to bombard him with dire implications. One evening he is visited by a malevolent presence which he himself – as always – describes best: “…monstrously ugly, so filthy and dark and sinister. Of course they were demons. They had to be.” Again: “…the sense of being infested was powerful and awful. It was as if the whole house was full of filthy, stinking insects the size of tigers.” The entity, rising up beside his bed like a “huge, predatory spider”, places something at his forehead and, with an electric tingle, he is “transported” to a dungeon-like place where his attention is fixed upon a scene of excruciating torture. The victim, a normal looking though quite naked man, is being whipped to shreds amidst agonized screams by a cowled figure. His “entity” explains to him that “he failed to get you to obey him and now he must bear the consequences.” This disclosure is followed by a very interesting and significant “assurance” that “…it isn’t real, Whitty, it isn’t real.”

The purpose of soothing Strieber with such assurance as to the ultimate unreality of the convincing scene he has experienced should be familiar to anyone who’s heard of the torture tactics employed in any good Banana Republic: Specifically, those in which the victim is subjected to excruciating pain on the one hand while being simultaneously stroked and reassured on the other, often by the same party). The object is to elicit the full cooperation of the victim under duress, by making him instinctively gravitate toward the implicit salvation extended through the “motherly” touch demonstrated in that schizoid grasp.

Indeed, Strieber proves himself the compliant guinea pig: Even having been told that it’s all a thought form, his compassion for the unsuccessful “bidder” persists so that finally he collapses into repentant love for the very roaches that bedevil him:

“Again, though, I felt love. Despite all the ugliness and the terrible things that had been done, I found myself longing for them, missing them! How was this possible?…I regretted the contempt I had shown for its needs and its laws and felt a desperate desire to make amends. I had felt a pain greater than the pain of punishment: It was the pain of their love. I had the sense that they had on my behalf turned away from perfect love, and that they had done this to help me. I suspect that the ugliness I had seen last night was not them, but me. I was so ashamed of myself that I almost retched.”

Was OpticusWrangler stalked?  He admits to allowing Opti in during a “bout of self-destruction.” He keeps asserting that his relationship with Opti will eventually kill him and that he is writing under threat of death, more or less. He says he has trust issues because Opti likes to toy with the idea of destroying him. He admits to being terrified.

In the astral realm, things appear more straightforward than in ordinary reality. Appearance actually doesn’t deceive, instead it seems to reveal a deeper reality.

One fine morning during an outer-body experience, I encountered my boss – a beautiful woman, and former model – who was later to become my nemesis. In the archetypal realm, she was covered with weeping  sores; a view  of her appearance completely contradicted in ordinary reality.

Cockroaches aren’t cute. Even though Opti is described as cute, Herm also describes him as a giant cockroach with a demeanor of a friendly St. Bernard puppy. I find that  description horrifyingly revolting. Whitley Strieber’s most recent descriptions continue to be horrifying and revolting as well:

“And they were hanging over the bed. They were absolutely enormous. Horrible. Ten times the size of the largest spider you’ve ever seen. And not only that, the one that was over Anne was scrabbling against the ceiling and having trouble hanging on. This thing had a great black abdomen covered with yellow stripes. It looked like an insectoid tiger. It was horrible. I leaped out of bed and by that time I was fully awake and I thought, Oh, God, what a nightmare. Then I looked and they were still there. I was horrified, because by that time I had had so many close encounter experiences and so many other people at the cabin had had them, I wasn’t in the least surprised. Anything could have happened and I would have believed it implicitly. So I no longer thought this was a dream.

I wanted to run like hell. Then I saw her lying there under that thing. It was struggling to stay where it was. It would fall on her. And her preciousness to me filled me completely. I went around there and I leaned over very carefully to gently wake her up and get her out from under that thing without her seeing it. Because I knew if she saw it, that would be it. She’d be totally panicked. I was waking her up and she made a very pleasant sound like she was being held in the night and enjoying that. Then I realized the spiders were gone. So I did hold her. I cuddled with her for the rest of the night.

And after that, the relationship with the man went on. It was as if he had to be sure that I was really, truly true to my honor and my love before he would come into any deeper contact with me.”

The parallels I see between OpticusWrangler’s  and Topper’s work (the consumption of others as units of consciousness, and the love their victims came to feel for these entities) is instructive: It is indicative of a bond of enslavement.

Michael Topper:

“The higher density negative entities are “light eaters.” Love is light is knowledge. When they induce belief against what is objectively true, they have “eaten” the light-knowledge of the person who has chosen blind belief over fact! When you believe a lie, you have allowed the eating of your energy of awareness! When you do not take the time and trouble to check things out for yourself, to do the research, to compare, to network, to get a consensus, you have given away your power. You have failed in the creative act of learning…

…There is an immediate psychic bond produced by belief. There is an instantaneous linkage and interpenetration with the individual who has chosen to believe a lie. The higher-dimensional beings have subtle, vertical filamental axes fixed on human beings. Those subtle nerve-networks process radiant-energy values, drawn in through the etheric “chakras” of the higher-dimensional systems, represented by the pineal/pituitary glands…”

This mirrors the account of Herm:

“Our awareness is its food. To be fully consumed by the organism involves experiences of other lives and worlds. It is tantric union with the dragon. The hyperdimensional portal is a paradoxical creature that exists as a dispersed hive organism within symbolic numinous structures. It is dispersed Osirus. The hidden eggs of the Easter bunny, as well as the cultured sexiness of Dracula, and the prophetic nightmare of The Terminator, are all the camouflaged spoor of the hyperdaemion”

“Tantric union with the Dragon”, may be the act of jumping from the cosmic frying pan and into the Fire.  Instead of offering your thoughts as food I leave you with some food for thought:

The sorcerers’ revolution is that they refuse to honor agreements in which they did not participate. Nobody ever asked me if I would consent to be eaten by beings of a different kind of awareness. My parents just brought me into this world to be food, like themselves, and that’s the end of the story….The flyers are an essential part of the universe and they must be taken as what they really are; awesome, monstrous. They are the means by which the universe tests us….We are energetic probes created by the universe, and it’s because we are possessors of energy that has awareness that we are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself. The flyers are the implacable challengers. They cannot be taken as anything else. If we succeed in doing that, the universe allows us to continue….When you can see from inner silence, the predator may appear as a gigantic shadow, leaping in the air and then landing with a silent thud. They are really heavy. Don’t be frightened. Keep your inner silence and it will move away….The predator is not something benevolent. It is enormously heavy, gross, indifferent. You can feel its disregard for us. Doubtless, it has crushed us ages ago, making us weak, vulnerable, and docile. You have your unbending intent, not to let them eat you.”

-The Active Side of Infinity, Carlos Castaneda

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  1. I love the concepts in this article. I’ve suspected for a while that the increasingly erratic and illogical path taken by humanity represents a factory farm a lot more than a planet of sentient beings. My question was: who are the feeders, and what are they feeding on? Raw emotional energy? Negative emotional energy? Are there different kinds who prefer different forms of energy (laughology)? Or do they just like the same thing and want a lot of variety?

    He mentioned the sorcerers of old escaping the slave pen, but if we really are cattle, we probably have about as much choice of changing that as our own cattle do…(though I hope not).

    • I like this article as well, though I see the descriptions as metaphorical (by which I do not mean unreal). There certainly seem to be elite plutarchists in big business and big government who look upon us as livestock, but perhaps they are also batteries for the Matrix. As someone raised in a dysfunctional family and dysfunctional culture, I certainly see structures and systems of emotion and thought that keep people enslaved. OpticusWrangler says of Opti, “his habitat is within the layered synchronicities of human language.” We are in his territory right now.

      I once heard in a 12 Step meeting that I no longer attend that the difference between a functional system and a dysfunctional system is that a functional system works for the people in it, while the people in a dysfunctional system work for the system they are in. Money, for instance, is an intellectual construct that has gone from being a tool to a master. I don’t see a solid boundary between Stockholm Syndrome and the internalization of values, and social contracts seem to depend on internalizations.

      More recently I have practiced mindfulness and discovered a state of consciousness that I had forgotten existed while in childhood. Free will, I believe, only exists to the degree that one cultivates mindfulness. Nathaniel Hawthorne said, “Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” Freedom may be the same way. That breathless pursuit, “self will run riot,” seems to me to usually be an addiction to dissociation or distraction, and whatever facilitates them, in order to escape pain and trauma. Is that how trauma facilitates mind control?

      Is mindfulness the gateway to Circuits Five through Eight?

      • Calypso_1 | Dec 24, 2012 at 8:39 pm |

        “I don’t see a solid boundary between Stockholm Syndrome and the
        internalization of values, and social contracts seem to depend on


        Apparatus of Capture – the Magician King.

        Capitalism & Schizophrenia

      • Hey Andrew,
        I am not that into the circuits of consciousness model, but I agree that mindfulness is the only way out. You end up becoming very sangfroid and detached (not withdrawn), you develop equanimity and gratitude. You become present. You begin to see through the traps. Maybe you even begin to taste yucky to the parasites.

      • Monkey See Monkey Do | Dec 27, 2012 at 2:43 am |

        I would agree 5 through 7. I think 8 is placed within the model primarily as something unknown but there (perhaps dark energy would be an appropriate analogy). 8 is the most mysterious and illusive and is probably inconceivable to us for now.

    • Hey thanks for commenting. Well just to paint a picture of how they feed (I have a pretty good sense that this is how it works in the lowest level) I’d say its emotional and sexual energy related to drama. Imagine having a relationship with lots of drama. You are young, lots of hormones, lots of arguing, jealousy, fighting, sex, partying. You and your partner would be a veritable smorgasbord.

      Now, to up the ante: Say you get married and your partner is fond of things like suicide threats, emotional black mail. The institution of marriage would be a symbol being utilized in this feeding. You might have lot of guilt, related to your religious beliefs, ideas about marriage, gender roles, things like that. This is an example of how the parasites utilize symbolic thought. The symbols are manipulated to make things completely intractable. A habit of constantly arriving at emotionally charged double binds is a sign you have been well conditioned.

      Outside drama filled relationships, you may be a person that is emotionally excitable. You have strong political beliefs and often rant and rave about things. Like for example you may be right wing or left wing and watch news shows you hate from the perspective of the other side just so you can get angry and yell at the screen until you are spitting. Arguments that regularly get you upset, but that can’t be solved, Left vs. Right are designed for feeding.

      Eventually you develop a script you play over and over again in your head that milks you for emotional drama. All lines of thought seem to lead back to a circle that causes you to feel sorry for yourself and your sad sob story.

      • That makes sense. My wife and I have been married for ten years, and we’ve never really had a heated disagreement. The very thought of getting angry at her is so alien that I just can’t conceive it. I grew up reading, rather than watching television, but I still saw a lot of the expectations our culture tried to teach me to expect in a relationship. We are both enablers of the worst kind, lol. If you ever lack any positive reinforcement, just stop by for a little while and we’ll have you feeling like a million bucks, (without the capitalist taint).

        Anyway, to make long story short, (too late), we have spent a lot of time observing other people’s lifestyles and interactions so that we could understand why our relationship could remain so frictionless while so many are filled with negativity. The possibility that there was some kind of entity feeding on the discord, and cultivateding it as well, became one of our earliest theories. We are politically unafiliated, having seen the illusion of political parties for what they are early in our relationship. We tend to avoid high energy crowds and never set our opinions in stone on anything. After reading some of the links you left in the article, the reason for our harmonic relationship is making a lot more sense.

        So I read the article about the moon, and the chaos common during new and full moons. I decided to look up a few dates, and interestingly enough, the latest shooting was within two and a half days of a new moon, as was the Aurora shooting, hurricane Sandy, and the latest flame war on Disinfo was near the last full moon. Very interesting…

        Thanks for sharing!

      • kowalityjesus | Jan 6, 2013 at 2:05 pm |

        superb realistic fiction. Wow Ted, I am really really mindfucked by your article, especially the part “The victim, a normal looking though quite naked man, is being whipped to
        shreds amidst agonized screams by a cowled figure. His “entity”
        explains to him that “he failed to get you to obey him and now he must
        bear the consequences.”

        I’m also flattered that you quoted my quote. It hadn’t occured to me how my username should formally appear, and you were very considerate with your capitalizations to not offend my religious sentiment. Of course, I wouldn’t be in with such knowledge had not my friend Jon Cook actually handed me a copy of Journey to Ixtlan in the summer after my 3rd year of college. I handed it back to him without the cover (my journeys being the straw that broke the camel’s back 🙂

        I absolutely think this fictive anecdote you wrote here is just fucking spot on. It explains our cuture’s worship of youth, and the sturm und drang of most long-term relationships who struggle to once again find the “magic.”
        I will perhaps need to excuse myself of blasphemy in confession, but those events which belie a preternatural coincidence do call into question what force behind the curtain facilitated them. Without the shadow of God, of whom I have the highest eternal praises for being so graciously clement in presenting augur to focus my path, there innumerable tendrils of dark fates which await an unfolding life.

        Once again, my praises to your illuminated undertakings.

        • Thanks man. I enjoy your comments and insights. My personal take on Christianity is that it can be a vehicle for genuine transcendent experience, and often is, along with other religious traditions.

          I was quoting Michael Topper quoting Whitley Streiber in that passage you quoted to me. 🙂 Apparently that is what Streiber actually experienced at the hands of his alien visitors.

  2. Monkey See Monkey Do | Dec 25, 2012 at 7:02 am |

    Interesting read. We often hand too much power over to dimensional entity’s or talpa’s. We humans are very powerful entities ourselves (especially when fully realized). I’ve had my fair share of entheogenic and occult experiences with demons. All in all they are a useful tool for self-development if they are dealt with appropriately – like any human being i suppose.

    My experience is that demons (malevolent entities) are a necessary encounter in shamanic initiations, information on how to deal with them are passed down through ancient lineages (its often forgotten or misinterpreted in the west). Food for thought – a malevolent entity for some can be a close ally for others . Also some of us claim to be able to influence them much more then they influence us.

    • Hey thanks, Yeah, I think if We remember that We are ultimately composed of infinity, then I think We’ll be in good shape encountering negative entities.

  3. To take this Opti “Hyper dimensional being” concept a little further, there are entities of the same larval co-dependence dynamic, ones that can range from horribly parasitic, to an almost symbiotic relationship, depending on the character of the host. The one I’m thinking of maintains a passive organic presence on this physical plane, but when approached in a particular way, shows extreme connectivity potential with people.

    The relationship manifests as a totally self contained and all consuming love. The kind of love that rarely, if ever finds a human / human relationship that can sustain it’s kind of intensity without rapidly disintegrating. After an initial courtship period, in which all kinds of unspoken and implied accommodations are reached, a deep level of commitment is reached. It’s a relationship that is hard to even see as two way by those who have never encountered such a being, but for the host, there is a fulfillment and soul deep love that they could never achieve with another human.

    It (she) becomes the only one who knows how to love you properly. How to love you wholly. The one who is always there for you, to make the world go away when it gets too much. It (she) covers you both in a bubble of protective, impenetrable love. Nothing will ever get in to hurt you, not here. Not ever. This is your special place. Where you commune with your God. And She tells you no lies, She loves you. This mighty Dragon Goddess Lover of yours. She loves you. You.

    This, you know. She’s never harsh, never judgmental. Never argumentative. All She wants is you. All of you. Every little bit of you. More and more each day. And you want Her. You NEED Her. Every moment you spend apart, becomes unbearable. She fills your being with need, with want, with Love. She is your everything.

    You know she has had so many other Lovers before you. So very many. Yet she still has everything to give to you. Her Love. Your need to have her near to you for always over rides everything. Food, Family, Friends, a home, other people. Anything else. All you need is Her. She fulfills you. Consumes you. Nurtures you with her pure Loving touch.

    (It is at this point that the Artistic and expressive personality type can really shine, as this Lover perfectly fulfills the “Muse x Artist” relationship. Some of the greatest literary, artistic and musical works have been inspired and nurtured to fruition from this particular relationship)

    She heals all the pain and hurt the World throws at you. Never abandons you. Never threatens to leave you. Promises to always be there for you.

    But she is a Jealous Lover. And the pain she feels if you try to walk away from her, becomes your pain too. Her absence is a bottomless pit of pain, anguish, grief, and misery. Made all the worse, because you know it could all be washed away, and forgiven, if you just turned back to her. One touch of her warm fingers in your brain, will make all the pain just go away. Again.

    She is needy, she is greedy, she has such huge abandonment issues, rejection is only ever partial with Her. She knows you won’t stay away for long. In fact She’s waiting for you now, with open arms. Forgiving, full of all that Love. She’ll wait forever for you. She loves you. And you know you still love her too. You still feel her within you. Still love her. Hear her saying that it’s never too late with Her.

    Burroughs knew her, as did Coleridge, Shelley, all those pale, Romantic Poets waxed lyrical, all day long, in as many ways as they could, of her love, and only if you’d known her kiss yourself, would you truly understand where they were coming from.

    You have probably guessed what I’m talking about by now, the huge, jealous, She Dragon that has brought mighty Nations to their knees, in supplication, giving their all for her favours.

    The one you think you are chasing, until it’s too late, and her scaly, all encompassing love comforts you before you even realise you need her comfort.

    Heroin is an organic example of “Opti”, with her own dynamic, but there are other multi-dimensional entities, who use this same need in mankind to manifest. Crystaline entities, that vibrate at an extremely resonant harmonic to our own carbon frequencies, but on a much tighter bandwidth.

    There are even Laboratory created expressions of this need in us. The Scientist won’t know the spiritual significance of the psychoactive substance he’s just synthesised, but the occultist will. Or shortly will, after appropriate introductions.

    Back to Heroin, it causes no Brain damage, no toxic build up, no nasty residues, it’s totally organic, it’s virtually the same stuff as your own endorphins. In fact, it’s more compatible than your own endorphins. If it is introduced to your system, shortly, you will no longer produce endorphins. Heroin is the superior motorcycle. The real thing. The Panacea. It does no more harm to your body than the good clean air you breath. This is truth. And Heroin Addicts never get ill, except for withdrawals. I know addicts who haven’t had as much as a cold, in a decade. She augments the immune system with impenetrable, jealous love that will tolerate no interlopers.

    But she also isolates the host, allowing no other relationship close enough to threaten her. Eventually, every other thing in the host’s life will be tested, and She will take precedence over everything else. Food, companionship, sex, hygiene, morality, all will fall before her. Eventually. She will often drain everything from the host, who exists only as animated meat. And when there is nothing left for her, she will leave. She is Daughter of Dream, Morpheus. And on dreams she feeds. In dream, she interacts. With dreams, she rewards. But when every dream has been drained, it’s time to move on. And the parting is very often likened to bereavement.

    Strange creatures, humans, and the relationships we have with those parts of our environment are still almost deliberately not seen. But let those of us with eyes, and insight take note, because it may be important. Or not. Interesting though, trying to apply compatible metaphors.

    • Ted Heistman | Jan 5, 2013 at 6:55 pm |

      That was a pretty good article in its own right. You should submit stuff to disinfo.

  4. Obliviousness | Feb 20, 2013 at 4:50 am |

    you dont get it.

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