Swaziland Outlaws ‘Rape-Provoking’ Clothing

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The African nation of Swaziland has just made “If she didn’t want it then she shouldn’t have dressed that way” its national policy:

Via Raw Story:

Police in Africa’s last absolute monarchy Swaziland have banned women from wearing miniskirts and midriff-revealing tops saying they provoke rape, local media reported on Monday.

Offenders face a six-month jail term under the ban, which invokes a colonial criminal act dating back to 1889.

“The act of the rapist is made easy, because it would be easy to remove the half-cloth worn by the women,” police spokeswoman Wendy Hleta was quoted as saying in the Independent Online news.

The ban also applies to low-rise jeans. “They will be arrested,” she said.

Hleta said women wearing revealing clothing were responsible for assaults or rapes committed against them.

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4 Comments on "Swaziland Outlaws ‘Rape-Provoking’ Clothing"

  1. The whole point of wearing sexy clothes is to attract. When the male that is attracted is unwanted it can lead to rape. I agree that men need to control themselves and most of the time we do. But some males don’t have a lot going on in the brain matter and operate only from the primitive parts of the brain, especially in countries in which the population are in a severe state of malnutrition. I say there is a time and space for everything. You cant wear provocative clothing to work, why would you show off your provocative clothing walking around drunk at night alone after the club without any security. Just the dumb fucking the dumber. women don’t want to lose their addicted hold on the male but also want rape to stop but don’t want to try creative solutions. Should it be draconian with heavy fines? No. Should wearing tasteless trashy clothing be discouraged? Yes. Have some class bitches, some males can’t control themselves and the jails are already filled. Try wearing sexy clothes next only to the bloke you want to attract and keep it classy next to everyone else. People have the right to wear what they want but I also want the right not to have just any skank trying to hypnotize me into falling in lust for her own gains. Unfortunately women that dress trashy are usually trashy. I can’t walk around naked, why should you?

    • bobbiethejean | Dec 25, 2012 at 8:58 pm |

      Are there cases where women should have done things differently but they didn’t and their actions ended in getting raped? Sure. Stumbling around drunk in the bad part of town, alone, at night is not a genius move. However, what a woman wears has very little, almost nothing to do with rape. In fact, what she looks like overall has very little to do with it. An overweight woman, an elderly woman, an ugly woman, a child, an infant, a preteen girl, physically disabled, mentally disabled, and various combinations thereof are just as likely to be raped as a good looking woman in “trashy” clothes. In fact, they are MORE likely to be raped. A woman “stumbling around drunk in the bad part of town” is less likely to be raped than a woman in her own house. Stranger-danger is statistically a lot less of a threat than relation-danger. That’s right. A majority of rape vics know their rapist.

      Now I’d appreciate it if instead of firing back a bunch of angry expletives, you actually think about what I’ve said here. If you doubt, look up facts on rape and you’ll see I’m right. “Keeping it classy” does not prevent rape. What a woman wears does not cause rape. There is only ONE thing that causes rape…. A RAPIST.

  2. I can get written up at work and put on a fast track for being fired despite accomplishment if my uniform is out of place even, from casual business to the degrading fast food stuff, I’ve noticed that. That’s as a man. And a white male.

    On the other hand I’ve seen countless women, the less white and less qualified they are the better, flaunting these rules and wearing very revealing stuff that shows off their bodies and is quite getting me “Hot under the collar”. BUT – well when they get fired because they screw up so bad the middle-middle manager is facing firing, right to the lawyer to sue. Likewise, cheap points, flirt with men at work, once they get some response to it “he harassed me! I want him fired and I want MONEY!”

    So, while NO I don’t say that raping a woman who dresses like a slut should be legal, frankly I’m for such laws if we are going to have a “Liberated but empowered but protected” double/triple standard for women in this despicable New World Order. Matter of fact, though years ago I’d be angry hearing of this, I might well if on jury duty say “Not guilty” if a flirtatiously dressed woman is “Raped”… Like mmmabye she got too drunk at the club and had voluntary sex but then woke up with mr ugly (beer goggles work both ways!) or whoops he actually LIED and he’s not a “Senior vice president” who cares her makeup and boob enhancement surgery isn’t lying so she’s screaming rape to get revenge because he doesn’t have money to use for a while then run?

  3. Dave Kool | Sep 27, 2013 at 6:12 pm |

    I… That… They… Wow. I am at a complete loss for words.

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