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In 1994 Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty took a million pounds to a deserted boathouse on the island of Jura and burnt it. The writer JMR Higgs looked at this event from a magickal perspective and came up with some interesting results. The story involves the world’s first joke religion, the JFK assasination, Robert Anton Wilson, Alan Moore and a bunch of ideas collectively known as “Chaos Magick”.


If you’re interested in “sigils” which we get to talking about right at the end of the interview go to the website where I’ve written some short essays on the topic.

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The events and book are described by the author on his personal website here:

I read about it afterwards in an article in the Observer, which I immediately clipped and put in a drawer. I’ve still got it somewhere. I’d never clipped an article before, and have rarely done so since. The incident lodged in my craw and has refused to leave, especially after it became clear that neither Cauty not Drummond knew why they had done it. The more threads of the story I tugged at over the years, the odder the whole thing became.

The result of all this is that I have written this book, which is available on Kindle from November 23rd.


It’s a story about all those strange ideas and influences that were swilling around in those days but which accounts of modern history are already leaving out.

It is totally unofficial. I had initially intended to approach Drummond and Cauty and seek approval but the whole point of the book was to capture the spirit of those times and, the deeper into that spirit I got, the more apparent it became that ‘doing it properly’ went against the grain. When you’re echoing people who took huge samples of The Beatles and ABBA without permission and just stuck them out independently, asking nicely seems to miss the point.


I was sent an early review copy and heartily recommend it to fellow Disinfonaughts and Discordians alike.

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