The Labyrinth: Slaying the Minotaur of Ego

Picture: "Theseus Fighting the Minotaur" by Etienne Jules Ramey - Photo by Jastrow (PD)

Mark Dotson at Soul Spelunker deciphers the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur in the context of transformational psychology and Western culture. You might enjoy it, provided you’re not too bull-headed.

Soul Spelunker:

The Labyrinth is like the infinite depths of Soul. If one falls into it, it can very difficult to find one’s way out again. Many do not and must spend the rest of their lives in asylums. The Minotaur is like the out-of-control Ego we are so accustomed to seeing in Western society, especially in America. Its self-aggrandizing hunger for power and wealth is insatiable. Its name is Asterios, or “Star.” Ego loves the spotlight. It wants to be the brightest star in the human psyche. Many so-called stars in our culture are egomaniacs. It is the nature of Ego to tend to over-inflation.

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  1. When I read articles like this I can taste awakening on the tip of my tongue…. quite a few decent articles on that site, thanks.

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    The Labyrinth; Walking Your Spiritual Journey

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