“The TRUTH About The War In Afghanistan”

  • BuzzCoastin

    The truth about the war in Bumphuckistan is that
    it’s an economic subsidy to the Military-Industrial-Bankster Complex.

    Der Homeland is the most powerful military in the world?
    No, it’s the biggest, not the most powerful; it hasn’t won a war since WW2,
    because it’s not supposed to win; it’s just supposed to be a welfare payment to the MIBC.

  • Ralph DeVece

    If there’s one way to guarantee opposition to Afghanistan is ignored, it’s if it’s being fronted by a self-declared comedian screaming in the middle of a park at no one.

  • redlightpeople

    LEE CAMP IS A GENIUS! lol Ahahahahaha… j/k.

  • redlightpeople

    Moderation (censorship) LOL